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Dragonball Super Dub Premieres

Dub purists, the nostalgic, or those that just didn't like the Japanese voice acting, the dub of Dragonball Super has premiered! Does the cast still have it?

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jitrel314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

About time we got this because the sub is horrible. Goku's voice is bad

blackblades313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Goten voice is bad, they seem kinda off. Also its stupid to have super then but saga after. They should of just did but saga 1st then super in the summer at least.

KwietStorm313d ago

It would make far less sense to wait that many more months for Super. What does it matter that DBZ comes on after? Super is the new series that everyone's been waiting for anyway. Of course they're gonna start the programming block with it.

1Victor313d ago

The voices are fine they're classic, goku with a deep Japanese voice would be like guts with a high pitch voice. Only people that never saw the first VHS videos sub don't like the voices

PixelOmen313d ago

Nope, I remember picking up some bootlegs from Megacon back in the day trying to decide if I should watch the sub or wait for it to air on Toonami. Goku's japanese voice is garbage.

KingKelloggTheWH313d ago

Thank goodness it did. I couldn't do the Japanese cat of DB...It is just not good.

I enjoyed the first ep a lot!

dota2champion313d ago

I've been waiting for the english dub to watch this. i dont like reading sub s