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Ace Attorney Anime Ep 18 Turnabout Big Top 1st Trial Review | BagoGames

Another case has closed for Phoenix and a new one opens with Turnabout Big Top 1st Trial. This anime adaption of Capcom’s Ace Attorney game series is little more than the original games’ scripts. A lack of background stories and extra plot twists make this adaption feel as if it merely animated cut scenes. For fans of the games, it can be fun to watch but as a standalone anime the entertainment is does fall a bit short. Turnabout Big Top is a story arc centered around a circus theme. The murder, the victims, and the suspects are all involved within the same circus. The original game story writers did an excellent job of incorporating both the appealing and creepy side of circus life without making it terrifying for children to watch. Yet, this eighteenth episode feels rushed and there seems to be more questions than the animation studio cares to answer on screen.

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