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Look, Netflix's Death Note Movie Isn't that Bad

There, I said it.

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V0MIT_M0NSTER328d ago

Glad to hear at least some people are liking it. I still need to watch it.

franwex324d ago

It's not that bad, but it is very forgettable. I'm pretty opened minded in regards to film adaptations. I actually thought ghost in the shell was entertaining. Death note one could argue it is a waste of time. There was only one instance where I was legit engaged and it was when Light figures out a way to get Watari.

mamotte323d ago

"Isn't that bad", that doesn't mean it is good.

Hotabang321d ago

Watch it as a stand alone movie. Forget everything death note just watch it.

It's terrible. The acting is horrible, the story is mediocre, so much cringy moments, I can't even count them. The deductions in the movie are just conveniently placed. +1 for watari's boss business card lmao XD