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Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Metaphor for Life

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a metaphor for life and has helped millions of fans across the globe. Every great story helps us make sense of our world.

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guywazeldatatt459d ago

personally one of my favorites but it helped me through so much and I know has helped so many oothers as well.

oKidUKo459d ago

That's an interesting take on the show, and even though I rarely think too deeply about anime in general, I can't help but agree. I guess most shows could be looked at in a similar way.

guywazeldatatt459d ago

I recommend Code Geass, it is EXCELLENT. Most anime is crap IMO but there are some great gems.

TheSuperiorGamer459d ago

Eva is a good story but poorly executed. Agree though that like many stories it's easily relatable.