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Fate/Zero is the Best Fate Series Story

Despite how good Heaven's Feel is, Fate/Zero is the Best Fate Series Story because it's not about heroes or villains and has so much character development.

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Darklink2896d ago

It is great, but honestly I need to see fate/stay night heaven's feel to know for sure. wish it were coming to my town. :(

emiyaxtousaka96d ago

I'm seeing it monday. Wish Rin was best girl in it. Fate/Zero is pretty amazing. Best music in the series by far. Yuki Kajiura is amazing.

mezati9996d ago

saber is/will always be best girl

lifeistranger96d ago

fate/zero is the best, hands down.

PapaBop96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Fate Zero isn't just the best Fate series, it's arguably one of the best action animes. If a friend ever asks me what action orientated anime series to recommend, Fate Zero is pretty much top of my list alongside SAC and Darker than Black. The focus on character development made it so much better than the Fate Stay ones for me, it gave the whole holy grail war so much more meaning and you felt each death so much more than in the others.