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How Net Neutrality Affects Anime Fans

We here at Recommend Me Anime we, quite frankly, don’t care about much. We are advocates for using legal anime sites to watch your shows (via paying for them) because it benefits the industry…

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Chinkyinc18477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

...Or, maybe, the free-market will kick in, and things like VPN services become popular since they render any hypothetical throttling and/or blocking down the drain since your ISP doesn't even know what you are doing.

OmnislashVer36476d ago

Free Market will take decades to kick in. Most cities only have one, maybe two options. Look at Google Fiber, a multibillion-dollar company which could be your capitalist savior, yet is only available in five cities. Just a libertarian fantasy lmao, we've got a far higher chance of state-run internet services becoming a reality.

Besides, who says regulation is bad? We've got building regulations so they don't collapse on us, water regulations so we don't get poisoned, electronics regulations so they don't blow up on us, food handling regulations so we don't get sick, etc etc. Not having government is AnCap buddy, and that doesn't work. Even with no government factions build on their own, governing themselves. In an AnCap wonderland, your ISP becomes your government, which is going full retard.

Lastly, an ISP will just blacklist a VPN service buddy.