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The 5 Most Pointless Debates in Fandom

From the Console Wars to Superman vs. Goku, this is a look at five fan debates that are so pointless that they make the entire community look bad.

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ASBO-567d ago

"Superman vs. Goku"
I dont know what the F a goku is suppose to be but Superman would kill him.

Haurus67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Not sure if being sarcastic or not but if not, i'd say it a good thing you do not know who Goku is, otherwise you should know how preposterous that statement is. Goku's battle against Beerus nearly destroyed the entire universe, and he has gotten many times stronger since then. Supes would be vaporized before he even knew he was in a fight. Even if Superman managed to get off an attack, it would have no effect. Goku would just ask him to get serious.

Porcelain_Chicken67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Liiiiies! Google Death Battle’s Superman Vs Goku. You’re welcome.

And before you say... but but SSGSS watch the sequel New 52 Superman vs SSG Goku. Again, you’re welcome! This debate has been settled ages ago! 😂

paradigmfellow67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

@Porcelain_Chicken F Death Battle. They are nothing but biased idiots. Goku destroys Superman.

Haurus67d ago (Edited 67d ago )


Not even close to a credible source. Just another random with an opinion and some graphic rendering know how. He probably hasn't even followed the Dragon Ball franchise and is just going off basic stats info available on the wiki.

Goku can vaporize planets without even trying. Superman has never shown himself to be anywhere near capable of that. By DBZ standards, Supermans strength and speed are probably equal to a power level around 20,000. And he doesn't even have energy attacks beyond his heat vision, which is probably equal to a power level <1000. Goku would have been able to waste him by the end of the Vegeta saga in DBZ. Goku's current power is in the trillons. Combine that with Ultra Instinct, Superman would never even be able to land a hit. In all honesty, is is highly unlikely Superman would even be strong enough to get near Goku. The radiating energy would prevent him from getting within a thousand feet (example in Cell saga). Even Yamcha could waste superman.

Sonyslave367d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Goku cant beat superman lol superman have been fighting gods like DarkSied who can destroy the Dc multiverse which is freaking huge compare to Dbz super 7 lol.

But most of all look up Pre Crisis Superman or Sliver Age superman or better yet Superboy prime whom superman beat. Hell goku wouldn't know what to do with the Imps from the 5th the Dimension aka Mister Mxyzptlk.

Superman once had and probably still do the ability to create new powers on the whim which why everyone hates him because he was made to win.

Haurus67d ago


Goku wouldn't need to know anything about Mxyzptlk. Goku isn't weak against magic like Superman. He would punch Mxyzptlk in the head once and it would be game over.

stanr66d ago

I love it how the article describes how pointless the Superman vs. Goku debate is and the very first thing everyone does debate about Superman vs. Goku.

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KTF2666d ago

and the pointless debate started again

Saitama will kill them both in one punch

Haurus66d ago

Hard to say for sure but he has a better chance than Superman. Nobody really knows Saitama's true power. The whole one punch thing could just be relative to the power of the beings in his universe. Goku is pushing an entirely different category of power than anything Saitama has fought to this point.

zeal0us67d ago

There's versions of Superman that can rewrite reality and even break dimensions. Goku at best is a universe destroyer. Ultra Instinct is nice but he has NOT mastered it. Where as Superman's strongest forms master godly powers.

Is there a version of Superman that Goku could beat? Sure. Death Battle premise was very stupid. A fight between the two would never go down. Superman rarely spar for fun like Goku. Superman vs Goku Black would be a better fight.

BlackDoomAx66d ago

All debates are pointless, because nobody will change their point of view. Everyone is just spitting their own static opinions.

KTF2666d ago

Superman vs. Gugo is pointless
because Saitama is the strongest

Nes_Daze66d ago

Annnd this is why nobody respects Superman, and Batman has had to carry DC by himself. Superman is a poorly written character, they have made him OP for pure nerd argument but have consequently weakened how he is written, now he is plain and no more interesting on the big screen. You couldn't find a damn director in this age that could make that character worth something on the big screen(and I thought Man of Steel was decent).

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