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Batman Ninja Review: Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting | Garage Band Gamers

Travel back in time with Batman and a cast of baddies along with a number of sidekicks as they duke it out in ancient Japan with giant mechs.

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jazzking200114d ago

thanks for the review. I gave the movie a 2/10 mostly to to plot wholes and logic bombs. Most other sites have it over 8/10 which i dont think it deserves

SarcasticDuck14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

they used the 10/10 for the visuals alone minus your 2/10 that are very accurate btw and that equaled 8/10 in their f*cked up minds!

level 36014d ago

The visuals are super mind blowing with very good story/plots that take the franchise to a new level. Highly recommended and collectible.
Am a huge fan and grew up with West/Ward series from 60's and think Keaton, Bale and Affleck portrayals of Batman were the best.

blackblades14d ago

Low scores everywhere except that one review. Seriously though no mo western to eastern and eastern to western and no mo la movies based off video games and anime.