Macross F's Megumi Nakajima, May'n to Perform at Anime Expo

Anime Expo has announced that Macross Frontier singers Megumi Nakajima and May "May'n" Nakabayashi will perform during the July 1-4 convention in Los Angeles. Nakajima won the nationwide audition to play the budding singer Ranka Lee in this science-fiction romance anime series, and she also performs Ranka Lee's songs. May'n performs the songs of the anime's "Galactic Fairy" idol Sheryl Nome.

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Tetsuryu2536d ago

"Nakajima and May'n are Anime Expo's last announced musical guests for this year, although the convention is planning to have a "mystery guest" who will also perform onstage with these two singers on July 2."

Hmm...Maaya Sakamoto?

klado2536d ago

Is this movie a Re-make or a re-tell...or something original after the series!?

Tetsuryu2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

It's the most recent iteration in the Macross universe/franchise; a television series and some films as well. To be honest, I prefer the darker Macross Plus over this one.