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5 ways to spot an anime super villain

In honor of every cosplayers' favorite holiday next month, let’s take a look at how to perfect that evil look some of us may be striving to achieve, or how to spot an evil-doer that may be lurking nearby, trying to steal your Black Materia.

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chickenbutt2609d ago

Most of these are true. Strangely, the white hair one is true. There are tons with white hair.

mokmoof2609d ago

They're just teeming with so... much... POWER!!

2608d ago
RedPawn2608d ago


I really like Darts, he was pretty cool to me.

poison_shadow2605d ago

For some reason Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most memorable anime villains for me. Could be because I was obsessed with getting his toon monster cards. Haha...