Street Fighter Legends: Ryu

"Street Fighter Legends: Ryu is a fan made live action project from Paul Gale Network."

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nfourgtoday1993d ago

Now I want a real Street Fighter movie done right.

halojane91993d ago

Yes and not like Chun Li..

TonykomatMK1993d ago

The Mortal Kombat live action TV series is awesome, but for something fan made cool.

halojane91993d ago

They do have a seemingly high budget.

Bhai1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Sorry guys but I just couldn't stop laughing till the end, that was just lame!

@2:13 ... that was a joke right?!

halojane91992d ago

To clarify I meant that the Mortal Kombat people have a "seemingly high budget".

TekkenSmithMachine1993d ago

When is it going live? Story itself is promising.

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