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VGC: "What can you say about Ivy Valentine, the platinum-haired warrior and star of the Soul Caibur franchise? Her Ivy Blade has the longest reach of all the weapons in the series since it functions as both a sword in close combat and after a little transformation, into a whip for mid and long distance attacks. Isabella, yes that is her real first name, is considered an "evil" character because of her Machiavellian philosophy"

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IceAc2396d ago

I love Belle Cherre almost as much as Ivy.

kennykramer2396d ago

Belle is about the only person that can "fill out" Ivy's costume.

charlescox42396d ago

meh - KIDDING! A couple of duds, but wow

GunShotEddy2396d ago

very nice. the best I've seen so far.

DarkBlood2396d ago

stop watching porn and look at reality good sir

ChrisW2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

So... What brought you to this page?

DarkBlood2396d ago

to see the cosplay effort people put in for themselves, not as a sexual piece of meat

vgn242396d ago

real vs plastic? real wins every time.

nopunctuation2396d ago

Sorry but reality sucks. You ever seen real DD boobs? They sag and get all mishapen. That is why push up bras were invented to keep them in shape. Real is good to a point but after C cup its just too much.

DarkBlood2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

well thats the whole point but not every girl is going to wear a pushup bras to keep *for the lack of better word* in shape just for you particular kind of guys just to sastify you

i hear its quite uncomfortable for most if not some, god man learn some respect for these women lol

i hope you care more about the individual in question rather then a hot body to think you could bang or something

Theyellowflash302396d ago

I've seen, felt, and done a lot of other things to Double D boobs and bigger in real life and I much rather have them sag and be natural than fake and perky.

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