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Berserk Film Slated for Next January

This year's 14th volume of Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine is announcing this week that the Berserk anime film will open throughout Japan next January. It also confirms that Toshiyuki Kubooka (Batman: Gotham Knight episode 5) is directing at Studio 4°C. Warner Brothers Japan is distributing.

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CrescentFang2515d ago

Hm, harawada no shouki?
I dunno what else to say, I'm pretty excited for this and times does fly pretty quickly for me!

Peaceful_Jelly2515d ago

So is just a movie? meh... I thought they were going to continue the series. =/

tplarkin72514d ago

It's moar Berserk! I'll take whatever they've got.

Redempteur2514d ago

"just a movie " so watching some guts action in GLORIOUS HD doesn't excite you ?

i sure am excited

midgard2272514d ago

um, from what i heard its going to be a movie series that goes beyond where the anime left off, its starts off with the begining of the series then keeps going.

a movie series like Garden of sinners makes sense. high budget, amazing animation and over all quality, Garden of sinners was 8-9 movies long and was amazing, Berserk movies are supposed to be the same way

thereapersson2514d ago

Also, don't forget about what animators did for Hellsing when they released the Ultimate series. Those were almost exactly like the manga.

FaSCoRP2514d ago

best news from the year, period