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Namco Bandai Bringing Naruto and DBZ to Comic Con 2011

Namco Bandai is bringing PSP, PS3, and 360 games based on the hit anime series Naruto and Dragon Ball Z to this years Comic Con.

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tayz2286d ago

Comic Con this year is going to be off the hook! I wish I could go!

rabidpancakeburglar2286d ago

Damn, if only I was in america. Hopefully this means we'll get more generations footage.

tayz2285d ago

ya. i hope they show more naruto characters and new stages. theres a presentation by cc2 on saaturday. hopefully some1 streams it to us

TheColbertinator2285d ago

lol They always bring in Naruto and dbz stuff.

CrescentFang2285d ago

Where have I read that they were going to bring Tales stuff? Well Naruto and DBZ are pretty damn popular in the US and according to the user above they always bring that stuff...