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Best Real Life Amaterasu Cosplay?

GR - "Amaterasu was a Japanese god before she became the main character in Okami. Inspired by the game, someone dressed up—or cosplayed—their dog Dante to look just like the character. He doesn't seem to mind!"

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techrave2143d ago

This is so dog doesn't allow me to put stuff on him.

Kos-Mos2142d ago

Great so you don`t have play with the dog like it were your toy-doll.

vgn242143d ago

That is a cute dog. But can he/she paint? :)

halocursed2142d ago

This dog is just all kinds of awesome..reminds me of my diseased dog. :(

StillGray2142d ago

I want to do this with my dog, but he's a black rottweiler.