The Need is Still There - Cosplay for a Cause Calendar

Arcee "This group of friends, and their love of the Japanese culture, decided that they were going to do more than just talk and bring awareness to the plight of those affected by the disasters - they were going to take action to help the people of Japan. Together, they formed Cosplay for a Cause and dedicated themselves, and their unique talents, to put together a calendar that they would sell online and at events to benefit the Japanese Red Cross Society in bringing monetary relief to the people in most need."

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tayz2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

that purple hair girl from cowboy bebop looks nice!

Arcee2414d ago

That would be Yaya Han.

She is damn near the most beautiful woman I have ever met. All the women in the calendar are beautiful, but having met the four picture here in person, Yaya is definitely the hottest. IMHO.

rataranian2415d ago

How bout just show me the boobs and I'll donate to the cause?

Lord_Sloth2414d ago

Because cosplaying can be passed off as an art form since it does take some level or talent where as flashing people does not. It's all about image and a charity wouldn't wish to be associated with Playboy.