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New Dragon Ball Anime Announced

A new Dragon Ball anime has been announced! Follow the link for more information.

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gaffyh2342d ago

It's just an OVA, but based off the manga spinoff. I still haven't watched either DB or DBZ, I was hoping DB Kai would be a complete remake, but it was just a cut-down version of the normal Dragon Ball

Dee_912341d ago

Dragon ball and DBZ kai are remakes of the original.

Im looking forward to this because I always wanted to know more about the saiyans before goku and even his dad but I would prefer a continuation from GT even tho I HATE how GT ended
basically every but goku,and im guessing gohan son goten and trunks and pan are dead now.I wanted to see pan become first female super saiyan.But the baby goku and baby vegeta lookd so cute lol
Either way im happy there will be more DB

Neko_Mega2341d ago

You don't know anything then, DragonBall Z Kai is the story from the manga. DragonBall Z is what they made for TV.

It is like Yugioh, the manga isn't even close to be the same as the show.

gaffyh2341d ago

I know that, I mean the animation hasn't been redone, which is my main problem with it.

CrescentFang2341d ago

Read the manga one, I was't too impressed but it was a fun read. Cool beans!

spartan112g2341d ago

I still feel like they should make a whole new Dragon Ball starting where they left off in GT with a whole new cast of characters and such. It could be interesting.

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