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One Piece Musou Release Date Confirmed?

News broke earlier today about One Piece Musou's release date. Following the link for more information.

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koga881970d ago

Seems like it could be true, now just have to wait and see for an actual North American release date rumor haha.

JS_CC1970d ago

Might as well add Europe.

discordman1970d ago

Interesting, just hope it's accurate.

futurefrog1970d ago

Yep, I think it's accurate.

masterabbott1970d ago

I agree lets see if they are telling the truth about this one.

Deadpool6161970d ago

One Piece is one anime I've always wanted to watch, but never got to see. Time to start collecting the dvd box sets.

dc11969d ago

It was really hard for me to get past the first 15 episodes... but boy am I glad I did.

One Piece is clearly my A-2 anime to watch as well as a Saturday tradition to watch the latest release.

Good luck to you and enjoy!

Deadpool6161969d ago

Thanks for the recommendation! Just found out that is selling the 26 episode dvd seasons for 14 dollars each. Talk about perfect timing! =D

futurefrog1969d ago

14 dollars!? WHAT A BARGAIN!

Blackpool1969d ago

Why would they do this when UNSG comes out a month before?