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Anime Say! Episode 3 - Penguindrum is Dumb

In this week's videocast Capsule Computers' anime expert, Luke Halliday, discusses why Mawaru Penguindrum is not as great as people like to think it is.

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LinkageAX2321d ago

Penguindrum is awesome, I disagree with your assertion politely.

futurefrog2321d ago

I gotta say, Penguindrum is nonsense.

badboy992321d ago

your right alot of it is just stupid random stuff happening with no reason to it

trendor2320d ago

LinkageAX is right. this show is awesome!!!!1

futurefrog2321d ago

Drugs!? I'm calling the authority~!

badboy992320d ago

penguindrum is the worst drug imaginable

masterabbott2321d ago

LOL great episode .. i have to agree Penguindrum is crap.

trendor2320d ago

masterabbot you are crap

masterabbott2320d ago

now now no need to get all upset here. its MY OPINION !!! u know everyone's got one.

LinkageAX2320d ago

I agree with you Trendor ;)

trendor2320d ago

Penguindrum is the best anime of the year easily. Its not dumb it is mind blowing and changed anime forever

rezzah2320d ago

I bet you do.

BTW how far did you watch into this show?

The only other show I`ve seen like it is Madoka Magica; in which the beginning is completely different from the end.

It is not a show to be judges so early based on the randomness of penguins and the revival of a dead girl.

The story is deep and each character has a connection along with a dark past.

No one in this show is as they really seem.

(Currently on episode 22)

LinkageAX2320d ago

I approve of this statement.

mamotte2320d ago

It's a good series. It's a bit too damn weird and got a lot of simbolysm (it's from the same people who made Utena), but it seems like in these days if it isn't a moeblob anime or a series that explains everything right from the start, people doesnt get it.

rezzah2320d ago

Exactly, many people expect to be spoon fed instantly or they will cry.

They cry very loud too.

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