Naruto Generations: Land of Waves Arc Anime Style Screenshots

Namco Bandai Games America has released 14 new anime style screenshots

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tayz1777d ago

these look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the anime

rabidpancakeburglar1777d ago

these look the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame as the anime

tayz1777d ago

no my friend! these are improved quality! look at the crispness and the HDness. regular naruto part 1 was SD

crxss1776d ago

look pretty much the same. hope the animation's better though.

gaffyh1776d ago

Lol, Tayz is right, it does look sharper. If you watch the old episodes of Naruto, you'll be able to tell the difference.

koga881777d ago

yay... more sasuke. Does he cut himself and go emo in this one too?