Anime Say! Episode 8 – Worst Anime of 2011

For his first Anime Say! of the year, Capsule Computer's anime specialist, Luke Halliday runs down his Top 5 Worst Anime of 2011. What anime made the cut? Follow the link to find out!

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futurefrog1841d ago

haha loved it hilarious. Another great ep!

masterabbott1840d ago

hahah that luke bloke should get himself some AC and maybe laid... that's probably why he's always mad

trendor1841d ago

LOL shouldve known it would be your number one luke

badboy991841d ago

Yeah he really hates it

futurefrog1841d ago

Well it is pretty crappy :P

koga881841d ago

I'd have to agree with most of these, though the lack of Rio Rainbow Gate makes me a bit sad. I dropped sacred seven so quickly after watching it a little bit. Simply lost interest.

OtakuStudy1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Won't deny that it was good to see some comments relating to the worst anime instead of the normal best anime of 2011 going around.

trendor1841d ago

Yeah Lukes list was spot on just like his best of 2011 was. He really knows a lot about anime and hes funny as hell to boot

masterabbott1840d ago

Yeah he seems to know what hes talking about but he has to work on that anger management problem ;)

masterabbott1840d ago

Shit man i thought Blood C was going to be good, but if Mr Halliday says its shit then im going to skip it.

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