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New event, costumes and PS Vita features revealed for Persona 4: The Golden

Several new screenshots, featuring new content and features, have been revealed by Atlus for their upcoming Playstation Vita exclusive role-playing game, Persona 4: The Golden. (Gaming, Persona 4)

TheColbertinator  +   1327d ago
I'm totally getting a Vita for this.
Razongunz  +   1326d ago
i have never played persona games b4 but do they get released in US or EU ? if this gets to europe i would love to try it out, its gonna be way to hard in japanese, i could import it from US if it comes to US but it will be hard to find a store in US that does imports to EU :/
aDDicteD  +   1327d ago
nice more personas ^_^
Rai  +   1326d ago
ugh...I don't wanna spend 250$...but I also really really wanna play this. What to do...
CynicalVision  +   1326d ago
What else can you do? Borrow it off a friend maybe?
KrimsonKody  +   1326d ago
your my best friend...
but you cannot borrow my Persona!
@ least, until I'm done...

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