Twinfinite: What We're Watching Winter 2012

Alliterative title 2012. See what we're watching and then maybe we can talk about it afterwards over tea and cookies yes?

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Yi-Long1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

... what's that picture from that accompanies the article here, as well as the first picture of that main article!?

It's great. Who's the artist?

LawofTD1737d ago

The artist's handle is toi8 or humi depending on where you go.

Twitter (Japanese):


Blog: http://humihuku.blog65.fc2....

If you do get into contact with him tell him I say thanks for his picture :)

Yi-Long1737d ago

... I wasn't planning on contacting him, though. I just loved the artwork so I wanted to check out some of his/her other work :)