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Boy Believes He Can Go Super Saiyan

A boy thinks humans can go Super Saiyan if they try.

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tayz2593d ago

i loled so hard when i saw this. what are people on these days!?!

Deadpool6162592d ago

Heck, I would be happy with Krillin's power. :)

aDDicteD2592d ago

never knew i would see a video like this one

krazykombatant2592d ago

LOOOOL, Lets face it, we all thought it was possible way back when.

Whitefox7892592d ago

I suppose your right however I think this kid should focus on doing a Kamehameha first (at least humans can do that, after training their entire life) before thinking he's part of an alien race whose planet was destroyed and can transform into King Kong when he looks at a full moon (I'm assuming werewolf rules?)

Tuxedo_Mask2591d ago

He should be careful, he could hurt himself if he keeps doing that too much.