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Creator of Bleach Shares Insights

Kubo Tite talks about his personal interests, the final arc, and how he goes upon creating Bleach.

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tayz2114d ago

lol of course he wouldn't like digital manga... what artist will. it hurts their profits!

Ranma12114d ago

does it really.

i was hoping the industry goes digital, due to the rampant copyright infringement on manga

tayz2114d ago

nah they are charging $26 for the year for shonen jump digital. the print ones cost like $72 a year.

Simon_Brezhnev2114d ago

naw If you see One Piece sales and even Bleach i doubt they can sell 500k just online. They get more money from the magazines and volumes.

gaffyh2113d ago

@tayz - There's no printing cost and very little cost of distribution with the online version though.

tayz2113d ago

ur right Simon. Kubo even says Japan likes the magazines better. digital is only for us. i don't even know anybody who reads books anymore lol

Simon_Brezhnev2113d ago

Yeah even my mother has a kindle. Thats all she cares about now.

TopDudeMan2113d ago

Here's what I'll say... Even though this is the the last arc, how long did the arrancar arc last? The anime will most likely air for another 2 years or so at least.

The Great Melon2113d ago

Actually, it is ending in a few weeks. Rather disappointing that it won't go all the way until the end.