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Submitted by Ranma1 1429d ago | article

Hitler Manga

A biography of Hitler in manga? What a strange idea, is it not? Except ... except that it was published in Japan in 1971, at a time when European comics dared not tackle head this type of "subject", content, when it came to play little historian , of pious hagiographies. And except that the author of this tome - format rare in a world dedicated to the series - had any reason to invest in such a subject, since Mizuki , who is now ninety years before to become a manga artist, was a soldier of the Pacific War, lost an arm in New Guinea and saved from death by the natives. (Manga, Shigeru Mizuki)

Ranma1  +   1430d ago
Manga discusses whether hitler was a Jew.

Yes he was !
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JonLon  +   1428d ago
No he was not. This is a common misconception. Do your research first before you run around spouting lies to further whatever agenda you have.

First, Hitler had a Catholic mother who worked for a Jewish family (where the misconception comes from). To be Jewish you should be born to a Jewish mother. Hitler practiced Catholicism on and off and even had pagan-mystic beliefs:

Second, while there was a recent report that Hitler might of had Jewish DNA, the rest of the report was not the focus. It states that the DNA was of a North African origin. The fact that this DNA is shared with millions of "Berbers" (who had African and Christian religions based on historical background) in places like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia is conveniently forgotten by most since "zomgz Hitler was teh jewish lulz" is more sensationalist for guys like you, apparently. Also, many people have Jewish ancestry - that doesn't make them Jewish.

Third: Hitler never practiced Judaism. He never went to synagogue, never wore a Tallis, never prayed from the Torah (or as some enjoy calling it The Old Testament), never kept Kosher, never had Friday night Sabbaths with his family etc.
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Ranma1  +   1430d ago
Hitler was also a hentai fan :)
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Ranma1  +   1429d ago
What would the world have been like if hitler succeeded and defeated the allied forces?

p.s Why does this not appear on the front page? Does this site hate hitler? must be a communist stalin supporting site

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Tanir  +   1428d ago
hitler????????????? lol
Megaman_nerd  +   1429d ago
what is Hitler doing to Mami? X(
tarbis  +   1429d ago
This should be interesting.

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