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Mirai Nikki Review []

Mirai Nikki involves a survival game in which 12 people fight for hopes to become the successor to God. This supernatural psychological thriller is a true hit.

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Cennus1813d ago

I really doubt this would ever come to the US localized.

FurankuTedaka1813d ago

It most likely will not make it to the US but most good animes don't :)

Simon_Brezhnev1813d ago

Whoever gave it a 10 must be new 2 anime. This show deserves a 2/10.

iChii1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Why is this garbage getting good reviews? The only good thing about the anime is that pink haired chick, Yuno and shes twisted.

tiffac0081813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

All I can say is, we need more Yanderes like Yuno in anime. lol!

FurankuTedaka1813d ago

There are never enough characters like that lol

Vashthatstampede1813d ago

This show is very good the only problem I have with it is that it has a crappy main character in Yuki. JUST SHUT UP AND KILL ALREADY! Man up! lol

FurankuTedaka1813d ago

I think anyone who saw the show would agree. No one likes a crybaby protagonist. lol

Vashthatstampede1813d ago

Exactly! I hate hearing him whine all the time about stuff...if you don't like it do something about it. lol

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