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Retro Review - Trigun []

Looking back at some of the most popular and not so popular animes of the past. First look back is at Trigun

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Vashthatstampede1994d ago

Finally!!! It's about time someone wrote about Trigun anything again! This is perfect in nearly every way!

Cennus1994d ago

My favorite anime ever.

Vashthatstampede1994d ago

Definitely it was the best anime ever. Back then all the good animes were out.

Instigator1994d ago

I tried reading the manga, but it was so disoriented I had to drop it. Does the anime cover both Trigun and Trigun Maximum, or is it an "original" story?

krazykombatant1993d ago

the anime is just about 25-26 episodes so no.

It goes and does it own thing for most of it if can say that.