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Darker than Black 3rd TV Anime Rumored

AnimeKon: "Now that's a nice rumor! According to some dubious 2ch source, a new Darker than Black TV anime series will start airing in Japan from October! The report claims that the third anime (not counting the 2010 OVA) will be titled Darker than Black: Nanpou no Houkou - among other alternative spellings for the subtitle, which roughly translates to 'Wandering through the South.'"

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Instigator2147d ago

That is a nice rumor. Season 2 was good, but the ending was unspectacular. It would be great if the series got a more conclusive ending.

GillHarrison2146d ago

I agree completely. Also, I would like to see a lot more fight scenes. The first ten minutes of the OVA we're crazy awesome.

ExCest2146d ago

Definitely. Season 2 had an ending that didn't really end so...