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You'll Never do Something as Awesome as This Madoka Chalk

If you've never been to a major convention before, then one of the special little sights you would have missed out on are the chalk drawings. All across the country, PepperInk does most of the major ones -- from New York Anime Fest to San Diego Comic Con -- and did a really impressive Madoka Magica drawing for the folks at ACEN and Aniplex.

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Lavalamp2206d ago

I'd chalk that up to raw natural talent.

deep_fried_bum_cake2206d ago

Punny. This is amazing though, it must have taken ages to do.

Instigator2205d ago

PepperInk himself said this one took 22 hours to make, plus 7 hours of sketching at home. That's pretty fast for something so detailed.