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Top 10 Unforgivable Anime Characters

A very intriguing list has been devised by the votes of many thousands of otaku – a chart which ranks the top 10 anime characters who simply cannot be forgiven, with several expected names sitting at first and below.

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Tony-Red-Grave1989d ago

I thought troll aizen would have a spot reserved for him.

Lavalamp1989d ago

Well he probably falls less into the sacrilegious category and more into the u mad class.

Tony-Red-Grave1989d ago

i think he surpassed "u mad" a long time ago. he transcended normal trolling

AIndoria1989d ago

I can't believe There isn't a Lelouch Vi Brittania/Zero.

kreate1989d ago

school days


deep_fried_bum_cake1989d ago

I actually think that Kyubey is forgiveable considering how it views humans. I mean you wouldn't get upset if you were killing some ants, that's basically how it feels for Kyubey.

The aunt from grave of the fireflies is really unforgivable.

Instigator1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It feels weird calling Kyubey unforgivable. He might as well call humans ignorant for not understanding his thought process, and the fact that he does what he thinks is right.

And by the way, I've added an alternative source from Crunchyroll with a more complete list. 43 entries to be exact.