Industry Spotlight: Ryan Phillips, NIS America

Cameron Teague writes, "Have you ever wanted to learn more about the gaming industry and the people who help it run? Then you are in luck, as PlayStation LifeStyle is starting up a brand new feature called Industry Spotlight, where we hand pick an elite member of the gaming industry and force them into answering some extremely tough questions. To be honest the questions aren’t that tough."

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koga882226d ago

I talk to Ryan quite a lot actually and he is a great guy, usually very helpful and funny to talk with. Interesting to see he started out as a simple tester before he got where he is now.

H2OAcidic2226d ago

Ryan is epic! We both were happy when Toonami was announced that it's making a comeback. He's a great worker, awesome to talk with even if it's not about video games or anime.

TheColbertinator2226d ago

Good interview.Glad to see NIS has a team that really cares for their fans.

raiden-492226d ago

<3 the picture want hero prinny in disgaea 4 also great interview!

Rockefellow2226d ago

Ryan is an awesomely nice guy.