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Comment Rules & Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

Site moderators have the rights to delete comments from members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner. Name calling, trolling and personal attacks on other members can result in temporarily or permanently restriction from posting comments.

Bubble System

All new members are given 3 speech bubble containers that will be visible on all posts. A member with 3 speech bubble containers is allowed to post a maximum of 3 comments per news article. As comments are made the speech bubbles will turn yellow, representing how many comments a member has made per news post. Members who post comments of low quality or ignore the posting rules will risk having their comment limit reduced, while members who receive positive feedback from other members and makes useful and interesting comments will be granted more speech bubble containers.

Things that will increase your bubbles

+ Provide relevant and useful info related to the news posts
+ Give constructive and intelligent feedback/criticism/comments to the news post
+ Debate with other members in a mature and respectful manner
+ A good sense of humor

Things that decrease your bubbles

- Offensive language, name calling and personal attacks on other members
- Pointless comments like the classic "I am first" post
- Trolling
- Immature language
- Posting lies and spreading disinformation
- Posting in all CAPS