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Being Behind on Anime is Actually Alright

26d ago ... The winter season is about to leave and in less than a week the spring season will start. For the people who watch anime on a weekly basis this means a whole load of old is about to be replaced with an even bigger batch of new. The previous season will sink into oblivion while the new and hot series will be discussed frantically online. I have always tried keeping up with ongoing anime as mu...

The crux of living in an anime world

60d ago ... You do not have to be shy and hide it. It is okay to admit it. We are talking about a thought that probably has struck any person’s mind, no matter whether it is because of movies, novels, anime or any other kind media. Heck, it does not even have to be media; it could just be your own imagination or our own history! The thought I am talking about is naturally, as this blog’s title already h...

Region locking sucks

151d ago ... The Internet was supposed to save us all. No more platforms, no more restrictions. Everyone in the whole world would play by the same rules. It was like heaven itself. But of course, that was nothing more than a simple lie. All because of those damned region locks. I love anime, I really do. I want to support the industry as much as I can (if I agree with the companies, that is, but that...

Why I feel anime openings are important

178d ago ... If you are new to anime, one of the first things you will notice are the fancy openings with actual singers and not only a short piece of music together with the series' logo (or a longer opening showcasing the characters and setting) like here in the West. But are these kinds of openings needed or should they be removed in favour of extra screen time? “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a...

Re-watching some favorite anime

271d ago ... Re-watching is actually more fun than I initially thought. I have never been a huge fan of re-watching movies, shows and such. I believe that your first encounter with something is the moment to treasure, especially if you want to judge it. When you watch something a second time, a lot of impact is lost and it will never ever be exactly as your first experience. You lose your innocence. H...
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