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Source Review: Saiyan Island

1518d ago ... I don't visit a lot of anime sites, but that's because I don't have to. Everything I want is found on just three anime sites that I really like and visit a few times a week. Two of them I visit to watch or read my favorite anime and manga and the other one I go to read news. That news site is called Saiyan Island. It's my most favorite site that I visit everyday like 100 times a day because the...

Best Anime of All Time

1609d ago ... I’ve watched 30-40 anime in my life. From Shonen anime like Naruto to more girly shows like School Rumble. There is no anime that I can call better then Death Note. It has so much intelligence, it’s not even funny. Yes, I love Naruto to death. It has a lot of great action and a lot of solid character development, but Death Note is head over heels above it. Naruto’s main character is stupid, whi...

The 3 Most Overrated Anime of All Time

1610d ago ... ============================= 3. Dragon Ball GT ============================= Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were two of the most epic win anime shows of all time. They are the reason we have Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and a whole rack of other awesome anime. Created by Akira Toriyama, the story of Dragon Ball follows a young boy named Goku until he becomes a teenager and then an adult in Dra...
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