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AnimeShinbun May Contests

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a good Easter break. =)

I'll be updating this post over the weekend with the prize winners from last month (since it'll take me a while to go through everyone's contributions to figure out how entries will be weighted on the contributor contest), but I figured you'd want to get the details of this month's contests as soon as possible. ;)

So with this month's contests....well, we actually think that last month's contests worked rather well. =) The extra activity in the blogs was nice, and we'd like to continue encouraging that to grow. So, we're going to repeat the same contests as last month. Once again, there's not going to be any specific theme requirement on those blog posts. So long as it's something relevant to AnimeShinbun, just go ahead and post it. I'll have at least one prize to give away this month to something who can post for us a blog that sparks off some good discussion. If we get enough blogs posted, I'll increase the number of prizes on offer. So the more blogs you all post, the more chances everyone will have to win. =)

As with last month, depending on the number of blog posts made, we'll also be awarding a number of prizes (at least one prize) for regular news article contribution. Any prizes awarded here will be weighted average draws, so you'll have to get posting if you want to win those. ;) Once more, we'll also be giving you an entry multiplier depending on the number of sources you use (even though it's incredibly fiddly for me to work out manually for everyone). So introduce more people here on AnimeShinbun to more Anime news sites and blogs, and get yourself more chances to win.

EDIT: Sorry for the delay folks, here's the April Contest Winners!

April Contest Winners:
Blog Contest: koga88
Contributor Contest (3 Weighted Average Draws, multiplier for number of sources used): Lavalamp1138, Instigator, Tuxedo_Mask

Yeah, really not going to be doing the multiplier on a weighted average draw again. What we've found is that our biggest contributors generally used multiple sources on a relatively frequent basis, while more infrequent contributors were more likely to stick to a very limited group of sources (often a single website, which may be one they work on themselves). This meant that the multiplier actually just increased the weighting towards the biggest contributors, rather than evening the playing field a bit (and rewarding smaller contributors who utilize a range of sources) as was intended.

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badboy992240d ago

i still didnt get my prize from 2 months ago archaic

Archaic2227d ago

At this rate, I'm tempted to pay that out to you out of my own cash and claim a reimbursement. I'm really not certain what's going on there. =/

Archaic2227d ago

Remind me to never run this system for contests again. ^^;; It's an utter pain to calculate everything, and doing it in between all the other work I have is making it go slow.

tayz2226d ago

Archaic-sama, I will happily take it upon myself to claim any and all prizes so that you don't have to calculate anything. This is the dedication I contain!!!

Archaic2220d ago

Yeah, not going to happen. ;p

Should have them up tomorrow evening my local time.

SimplyOtaku2225d ago

If anyone really deserves the prizes it should be Lavalamp to be honest :)

Lavalamp2225d ago

Hey I appreciate that! I think everyone should have an equal shot at the prizes, and the way the contests are handled now with both weighted and random drawings makes it a lot fairer than 'most subs = winner' like we used to. But if we were to hold a contest for whoever could come up with the most article-related puns, I'd totally school all yall playas. Especially Tuxedo_Mask. He can't touch my mad skillz yo.

Tuxedo_Mask2225d ago

Haha! Don't worry, I've stopped trying.

Archaic2219d ago

Updated with the contest winners, and a few thoughts about why I'm not going to be doing the contest in this fashion again anytime soon (unrelated to the tedious length of time it took to actually do that).

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