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AnimeShinbun 12 Days of Christmas 2012 - Final Result

Archaic | 1139d ago
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We received quite a number of entries and attempted answers to our trivia questions each day. In the end however, four participants in particular distinguished themselves. These participants managed to rack up a lead over their competitors by making the effort to participate in almost every single day of the competition in both the trivia and creative portions, and their efforts most certainly have paid off for them.

We aren't posting here today the points for each day, just the final point totals of those top four participants. Regardless of if you're in this list or not, if you'd like a breakdown of your points you can PM us for that.

A number of the trivia questions we asked had multiple correct answers. Very few of them had only one correct response. As a result of this, every day EXCEPT Day 12 had at least one valid answer given to us by at least one person. Since we didn't have any correct answers for that one....I'm keeping it in reserve for a future competition. ;) As for the rest, if you want I can edit the list of valid answers we received into this post later.

The final point totals are as follows...

1st Place: Koga88 - 86 Points
2nd Place: D3acon - 68 Points
3rd Place: futurefrog - 61 Points
4th Place: Simon_Brezhnev - 50 Points

I'll be posting the details of your exact prizes over the next couple of days.

Thanks everyone for participating!

koga88  +   1139d ago
Haha considering that tie there I'm really happy I went back and did all of the creative challenges except the website skin one.
futurefrog  +   1139d ago
Wow this is pretty cool! Me and Koga are tied thats awesome :)
D3acon  +   1139d ago
I was hoping I was closer. been sick last couple days. If I knew it was thar close I would have attempted the trivia. Merry Christmas all. Hope everyone is well.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1138d ago
same here i didnt know i was this close.The last 3 trivia was pretty hard imo. So i got lazy.
Archaic  +   1137d ago
Hmmmm. Evidently, it's a tough balancing act. I was concerned that showing people points totals would discourage others from entering late, and discourage those who were behind (even though they were in it with a shot, especially if those in front crashed and burned at the end). From your posts here though, it's evident that not posting points served to discourage your participation towards the end. =/
koga88  +   1137d ago

Thing is, if most people came in late they probably would already be rather discouraged if they started participating at Day 6 or Day 10, there would be only minor possibilities of them actually catching up at any point. So it probably would have been for the best to keep an update going in the latter half of the competition. Especially with the way the question points were worked out.
Archaic  +   1125d ago
Yes, you're probably right there koga. The way I set things up, I wanted to reward people who'd been in the whole time, so they wouldn't feel they'd been pipped at the post by someone who held back and only submitted everything on the final day.
koga88  +   1125d ago
@Archaic Nah that honestly was the best way to do it. Although the questions were harder, it was easier for people to actually enter and win thanks to the fact that the questions were viable longer, compared to only one day before.

In the end it just depends how people feel about entering, some will try and make a push last minute and others will see its already half done and not try. Although putting the point total up a bit more would have benefited the current participants, you had a good middle ground considering creative challenges were open until the last minute.
coolbeans  +   1135d ago
Nice going, koga and future.

Edit: Now's the time for you two to offer gifts under the table to Archaic and Lavalamp! :P
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Archaic  +   1133d ago
The final totals will be posted sometime tomorrow my time. Lavalamp and I have independently judged all creative entries, and the final scores for each entry will be an average of the scores each of us gave them.
futurefrog  +   1133d ago
How many people will win a prize?
Archaic  +   1132d ago
Make that sometime today (which is now New Year's Day for me, if only barely) ^^;;

There will be 4 prizes (so all you people listed up there will get something), but they'll be staggered from 1st to 4th.
Archaic  +   1131d ago
Final points totals are up!

Your prizes will be updated soon-ish.
koga88  +   1131d ago
Awesome news, by the way will we know what the points were for our creative challenges? Like what you guys thought of each one or no?
Archaic  +   1130d ago
You can send me a PM for your own personal points breakdown, if you'd like to see it.

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