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Anime You Should Be Watching; Stein's Gate

Stein’s Gate

I just finished watching this anime and I have to say that this is one of the best anime I’ve seen in a while. The plot and the theme of how time travel is possible is very original and to me was the driving point of this anime. The main character Hooin Kyoma is a great character, he portrays himself as a mad scientist and doesn't limit himself to just talking to himself through a cell phone, but will have mad outbursts of laughter or ranting while people who do not know him stare blankly at his behavior, during the second season it gets him locked up a couple times.

The main plot of this anime is that Kyoma invents a time machine accidentally using a cell phone, microwave, and a banana. Yep time travel is that easy. Kyoma and the gang begin sending text messages into the past. However any changes that are made are only noticed by Kyoma. It’s not long until they are noticed by an organization named SERN who had been conducting their own research into sending people in the past and this is where the story takes a darker tone and Kyoma has to learn how to stop a event from occurring.

The method of time travel is very intriguing and something I believed if time travel were possible. Their concept of infinite universes or world lines changing paths as a result of changing something in their universe is quite unique. Basically you don’t travel through time but travel to a reality that exists or is affected by the changes you made. They expand upon this in great detail offering new ideas and how a person might actually travel into the past. To me this is what kept me interested but it took about episode five to become truly engaged in the show and I believe the actual tone of the show changes to a more serious tone around episode twelve. Just as a side note, episode one will have you scratching your head, but through the art of story telling it does become clear toward the end.

Stein’s Gate seems light hearted and funny at times with the banter between all the characters especially with Hooin Kyoma and member number four kurisu makase, a science major, the back and forth between them were hilarious to me. Doo doo doo! The other members I felt were important but through the series they really did not change or grow. That can be expected in a time travel movie, the only real change is of course Kyoma who keeps reliving the same three weeks wondering if the next leap will be the leap home…joke. (Quantum leap reference)

I think the writers did a great job in trying to keep everything scientific and at the same time creating something original. They reference John Titor and some other real world events to fuel their story. At the end of the series I felt satisfied and enjoyed the ride. I recommend anybody who loves time travel movies or anime in general to check it out.

If anybody has seen this anime or has any view points on the subject of time travel please leave a comment.

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Megaton1922d ago

This one keeps popping up everywhere. Top anime lists all over MAL, friend recommendations. Gonna have to check it out soon.

SynGamer1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Ditto. I've been meaning to check it out. Looks like it's on FUNimation. Any suggestions when it comes to audio? Dub/sub?

D3acon1922d ago

I think it should be dubbed on funimation thats where I saw first episode and of coursethere's blu ray.