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Anime Personality Types

I was watching some anime, as we often do, and I noticed that I seem to always have an affinity for a particular anime type so I thought I would create a blog with the focus on different anime personality types; tsundere, dedere, yandere, kuudere, etc. Then of course you can get into combination types. I will list a few in the hopes that a few of you will be able to add to the list.

Tsundere: I’m sure everyone is familiar with this character type, they are usually the ones that have an attitude and generally abusive but on the inside they can be quite soft and caring toward the one they like. I guess a good example would be Saya Takagi from High School of the Dead.

Yandere: I guess they can be described as crazy stalker types. They tend to be the one that have a big crush on a character and let nothing get in there way of swaying that character to be in love with them. A good example would be in Baka and Test as there are two characters that are both extreme but use different methods to obtain their lovers. I’m referring to Shōko Kirishima and Miharu Shimizu who has an extreme lesbian attraction to Minami.

Kuudere: I suppose one my favorite character types. They are close to Tsundere except they are usually appear more calm but look more combative than they really are. I believe a good character would be Saeko Busujima from High school of the dead.

Yangire: This is one to be careful of and generally may result in a fatal attraction. These characters are usually cute on the outside but are definitely a psychopath. The only one that comes to mind at the moment would be Rena Ryugu and she is one eerie looking chick in the wrong light.

The Type I like a lot would be the silver or blue haired emotionless type like Angel from Angel beats or Yuki Negato from Haruhi Suzumiya. I ‘m not sure why but the emotionless quiet type seem to have a bit more character than anyone else, maybe because I’m usually quiet myself.

I’ve only listed a few types of but there are many different types such as the Otaku, the pervert, the sporty type girl, and Genki type girl, they are typically full of energy all the time.

I would like to keep this blog going so we have a complete list of characters and of course this is not limited to female anime characters so please post what personality types you like and why.

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ExCest1881d ago

Yanderes are the best.

Yuno is best girl.

(I don't think Miharu was a "yandere". I feel like the yandere label is more reserved for the psychopaths and the anti-socials. She isn't that crazy.)

koga881876d ago

Nah a good Tsundere example is pretty much any character Rie Kugimiya has voiced. She's pretty much the go-to tsundere now. Yandere, going to have to go with Yuno with that whole love you to literally death insanity level. Miharu was mostly over protective I think.