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Censorship is anime's online pass

As many gamers know, there has recently become an issue with games featuring online passes that require a gamer to buy a game brand new if they want to access all of the features that used to be accessible to everyone. If these people who rent or buy used want to access this content, they have to pay a fee.

Now in recent years, or at least recent in my six or seven years of anime watching, anime has never featured anything special withheld from normal viewers, minus maybe a few physical extras and goodies that were included with the expensive DVD/Blu-ray releases. Now however it has become quite apparent that anime now has an online pass of its own in the form of censorship.

It wasn't until Rosario + Vampire Capu2 originally started airing in Japan that I noticed this problem. As some may know, the series is known for having countless panty shots and even some bare breasts at times. Unfortunately during the television airing of the show, all of this fan service was hidden behind cartoon bats and occasionally bears.

This caused a bit of a stir in viewers who were used to seeing completely uncensored anime minus maybe some small steam to obscure nudity from being shown on basic anime channels. Now, since Capu2 the censorship in anime has become something terribly obstructive to viewers. It has become quite prevalent that nearly any fan service related series is filled with impossible rays of light, heavy steam and black hole level shadows.

To make things worse the various legal streaming sites such as Crunchyroll, FUNimation, etc. always are presented with the censored versions of these shows, meaning most viewers in the West are given zero opportunity to see these shows in their glory.

In fact, one of the biggest fan service series airing at the moment, To Love Ru Darkness is presented with heavy levels of censorship, both to Western and Japanese viewers. While a certain anime channel in Japan usually shows uncensored versions of anime, unfortunately Darkness still retains its rays of light and heavy censorship despite the fact that the manga is one step above porn at times.

Meaning of course that any one who does enjoy fan service is going to have to purchase the Blu-Ray/DVD version of the show once it is made available, which in some cases can take upwards of two years. Now of course this isn't an issue for everyone and those who don't like fan service wouldn't care either way, but this has quickly become a disturbing trend to try and push people to purchase already expensive anime simply because they want a show that isn't half animation, half white lines and dark shadows. What more can companies withhold from viewers now that they've already taken the service?

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Simon_Brezhnev2048d ago

Yeah i seriously hate this sales tactic they been using for years. It's because of companies greed animes are on decline. At least we got ATX broadcast even though we have to wait like a week or 2 for it.

koga882048d ago

Thing is, from what I've heard even ATX is showing high levels of censorship on To Love Ru Darkness, so it won't even be alright there. It is a true shame that this has started happening and it just shows how bad some of these companies are afraid of losing even a little money. With reverse importation fears causing problems with the North American anime releases already, these studios are making it difficult to think anything positive about their practices.

Archaic2047d ago

I have wondered if the reason for the censorship isn't them actually trying to force you to buy the discs (though they probably aren't too unhappy about that), but rather their fears about anime being taken off air thanks to idiots like Ishihara (Governor of Tokyo).

koga882046d ago

The thing is, even with that one ban on offensive or pornographic manga that went through, I think that there has only been one or two obscure manga that not even the Japanese knew about were banned while things that are borderline terrible, like Kodomo no Jikan, are published continually with no issue.

As such it seems that they are simply using it as a sales tactic in my opinion. Since as Simon mentioned and I mentioned as well, most anime channels censored shows except for ATX which usually presented a completely uncensored or at least less censored version than other channels.

However with the latest To Love Ru Darkness release, the series has been completely censored no matter what channel it is viewed on, including the premium channel that is ATX. Plus this heavy censorship started occurring well after that idiot was elected I believe, so it is simply a way to squeeze sales out of viewers.

Archaic2046d ago

At what point after they started passing those laws did this heavy censorship start? There is a tendency in Japan towards "voluntary self-censorship". It may be that they started the censorship themselves in order to prevent a greater amount of censorship being imposed on them by law.

koga882044d ago

@Archaic Mmm, while that may play into some of the more standard television channels however, ATX has made it a practice to always broadcast an uncensored, or less censored, version of a series whenever possible since it is a premium channel in Japan. However this season it has taken a drastic turn with To Love Ru Darkness being censored on every channel it has aired on. So while these people may be performing "self-censorship" it is doubtful in this case considering the same channel is known for broadcasting things like Queen's Blade uncensored.

As such, this is becoming a worsening trend for anime series as they know that, let's be honest, one of the biggest draws of a series like To Love Ru is the fan service and since they have locked all that way behind white bars and shadows, it isn't a law as much as pushing for Blu-ray sales.

djfullshred1992d ago

I have a simple solution to this. I choose shows to watch that have good stories. If the story description says something like, "highschool boy who is afraid of girls suddenly finds himself the king of the magic realm where only beautiful women live"...I am going to pass on watching that show. Already seen enough clones of that material.