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And Kotaku makes a mess of any topic it writes about.

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LOL someone seriously reviewed a MMORPG on the day of its launch?

Do get a grip..

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Now the English patch translates almost everything, and there are several English speaking teams, so playing with others is not a problem :D

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I have to agree... it's really low profile. Here's hoping for the next

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I totally agree with this, i'm losing respect with them every day we don't get this, yakuza 5 and valkyria 3

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The big problem with Sony or Zenimax acquiring Atlus is that they both have very solid publishing structures already. It would kill Atlus USA, with the result that we'd get less smaller Japanese games around here.

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I actually liked SS, but GE2 really looks a ton better, and that art style fits my taste a lot better.

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This is pretty damn awesome.

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It's a matter of taste. In Japan Lightning is one of the most popular Final Fantasy characters of all time

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Part of it is already offline. The rest is a MMO, there won't be an offline mod.

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He says clearly that *every* platform capable of running DirectX 11 is being considered. That leaves only PC since Xbox One and PS4 are already announced.

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Yep, I don't, but that's normally what you call someone that tends to think people are paying attention to him when they aren't :D

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Actually I didn't even read your comment. Self centered much? :D

My comment is directed to whoever wrote this rather misguided article.

Bad animation, character design and overall design can definitely make an anime less enjoyable, depending on the point of view. Different people appreciate different things, hence the criticism is entirely justified.

You're very free to appreciate the series for other things, as much as other people...

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Yes, it is. No matter if you like it or not, the visuals can doubtlessly be defined absolutely ugly under several points of view, making the criticism absolutely justified and relevant.

You may agree or not, but that doesn't mean the criticism is not justified.

Trying to divert the attention on other elements of the anime to paint the (justified) criticism as unjustified is utterly disingenuous.

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Note: this writer is the same dude that shook his angry fist at Dragon's Crown show of boobage.

looks like someone lacks coherency.

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