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"Welcome to AnimeShinbun"


Only about 3.5 of the questions are list collecting this year (9, 11 and 12, with 3 being the half. You might argue 5 is "list collecting" too, but since it's a lot more specific I wouldn't have put it in that category). I include these types of questions mainly because
a) they're actually *easier* to find the answers for with some smart Google searches
and b) to make sure there's at least one question that even someone who's watched absolutly eve... #2.1
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As per the instructions...
"For all of the questions this year, we're specifically asking about 2014 anime series which have streamed legally online for the first time this year. This includes 2nd seasons, sequels, and remakes, as well as all anime that has streamed on genre specific services like Crunchyroll, and general streaming services like Hulu, but excludes anime which start airing in late December after this post has gone live."

Crunchyroll, Hulu... #1.2
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Trivia and Creative are up. We'll call for AS Awards nominations after Christmas, with a voting raffle to take place over January. #6
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12 Days trivia questions will go up in about 12-14 hours from now. Mainly because it's a bit late here in Australia and I want to double-check the questions before putting them up, so we're not left with things like having to deal with there being multiple valid answers. Good luck everyone! #5
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Prize winners are up #1
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I'm actually really surprised this is getting an adaptation. After the legal issues that plagued the series right at the start, I was afraid that many Japanese TV stations wouldn't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole. #1
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Apologies for the delay everyone. Contest winners are up and will be contacted shortly. #3
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The only one that's not immediately obvious is based on having approved stories from a website that you're staff for. All others, you should notice if you're visiting every day (since any restriction comes with a 24 hour lock-out at minimum). #1.1
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My best estimate based on what I've seen of the test site would be before the end of the year. But don't quote me on that. #1.1
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Hear hear. Far too many series are guilty of this. Was very frustrating when I saw the new Sailor Moon anime doing it. So much for being able to introduce people to the franchise with that anime without them figuring out everything from before they even saw the full team get together. #2
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A good question. For now, I'm inclined to put them under the Manga channel.

When the revamp happens later this year, we'll be able to have more dynamic channels rather than the hardcoded ones currently, so we'll be sure to add one for those. #1.1
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And another prolific website has just been caught doing the same thing.... *sigh* #3.3
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That particular section you've quoted there was me quoting from the guidelines page. That page itself can't be edited, but you can consider everything I've said in this blog post to supersede that in any case. I'll edit the blog post later this evening for clarity. #5
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Contacted, yes. Warned? Well, I did warn people in that blog a couple of months back, and this blog had been put up only a few days previously, so I'd say everyone had already been sufficiently warned to not do it. The temporary (1 month) restrictions serve as a warning to not do it again. #3.1.2
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A good point there SynGamer. Since a portion of heat is story pageviews by unique visitors, there is the potential for it to grow rapidly if posted on social networks. It shouldn't be causing this month growth though. We might have to look into how those algorithms are weighted... #1.4.4
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So, I just had someone send me a ticket about their stories not appearing on the front page of AnimeShinbun. On investigating....well well well, look at what we have here. A group of 3 people all only submitting material from the same site, who are *ALWAYS* in the list of people who've approved the story, and whose approvals are usually within an hour at most of the story having been submitted. Their approvals alone couldn't completely push a story through, but even so, that's sti... #3
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@Koga @CaptainYesterday
Please report individual articles to us when you see that happen. We can backtrack and look at that sort of thing to check when it's occurred, but it's not something we'd actually see unless we're explicitly looking for it. #1.4.2
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Normally it won't get auto-marked as spam unless it's been marked as spam several times. In the case that someone with sufficient power marks it as spam though, it'll get auto-labelled that way. I've reset your comment to baseline, since it's clearly not spam from how we've been approaching it. #1.2.2
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I'll add a bit to the blog post about this later, but we actually *explicitly allowed and encouraged* this a while back (years back, actually). Doing that was intended to
a) Give an incentive to websites to post their own content (important for those websites which might not get submissions otherwise, despite having relevant content)
b) To help promote discussions in the comments here (the first comment is always the hardest)

Now having said was... #1.2
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Yeah, it's hitting all the Newsboiler sites. I assume the techs are already working on it... #8.1.2
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