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"Welcome to AnimeShinbun"


Currently waiting on 1 last winner to get back to me so I can send this off to the people who make sure you all get your prizes. ;) #4.1
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Winners are up. Apologies for the delay. Winners, please check your tickets and reply to them with with the requested info ASAP. #4
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Coming up in just a bit. Had no home internet due to the move, screwed everything up. #2.1
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I suppose. Though we have in the past (and surely will again) have run ones which weren't so random. #6.1
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*checks clock* They should've already been up at the time you posted this message... #5.1
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This is the one I've switched to as well. Recommended by the EFF, so seems quite trustworthy. #3.2
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They're listed in the blog at the bottom now. Updated that 4 days ago. #2.1.2
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Talk about not knowing your customer base. I'd be interested to know if this is a decision that's happened in Japan, or with their American branch. #1
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Whoops. Already sent their tickets last week, must have forgotten to update the blog entry. ^^;; #2.1
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Thanks for all your hard work over the years Cat. =) Good luck in your new endeavors! #1
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I'm doing my PhD in privacy.

And before someone gets offended, that's not a flippant remark to fob you off or anything, that's really what I'm studying. ^^; #3.1.3
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To be honest, no. ^^;;;; Barely had the time to watch anything over the last month (been doubling down on the PhD). Was kind of hoping someone would put in a late vote and save me. ^^;; #3.1
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Will consider doing that with the commentator contest next month. Would love to see a lot more discussion get going.

The visitor contest was indirectly meant to encourage people to visit (and approve stories) every day, but we haven't really seen a lot of change in the levels of approvals without it. Stories aren't going through as quick, but that's just because submissions are up in general right now. #1.1
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Likewise. Sadly, there were far too few blogs being submitted each month, which meant that the blog prize was basically rotating between 2-3 people for the entire year. Not really all that fair. #2.1
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Honestly, I'd prefer if the regular users broke the tie, since some of the ties are with the dark horse nominations that I added to the mix. So I'm not exactly the most objective here... ^^;;

On the topic of mobile friendliness...I'm glad to say that's something they're working on with the new backend. I have no idea when that will launch this point, but it'll be rather an improvement when it does go in. #1.1
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I specifically gave the closing date for this one as 11:59pm Feb 1st, rather than 11:59pm Jan 31st as normal, so you actually barely scraped in there. ;)

The list of winners, along with the new contests, will go up tomorrow. #19.1
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*facepalm* You're entirely right. I presume that particular short-listing came from the English cinematic dub, which only came out in 2014. Nevertheless, I think I'll change that one. #11.1
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You'll see I didn't just pick out the most popular stuff from nominations. ;) Several of those on our short-lists weren't even nominated by the users at all!

But yes, nominations are closed now, so just put in your vote at this stage. #3.1.2
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Yes, films in a series would count. All that matters there is that it was released in 2014. #3.1
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There were fewer entrants than last year, yes. Given the circumstances, I suspect we either started later than people were hoping for, or the new format with all the questions at once wasn't as attention getting as the previous formats with the questions drip fed. #2.1.2
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