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Was there anyone in DBZ who actually won a fight after checking someone with a scouter? Maybe made them flee, but actually beat outright? #9
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Prizes are up.

For the first time in a long time now, we've actually had a couple of back to back winners. Marow barely got in before the end of the month there with that well written blog to snatch it away from D3acon (who was coming in pretty late as it was). Meanwhile, Alixithymia got very lucky with how the dice fell for the random contributor draw. #3
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It's coming this year, but I don't believe an exact data has been decided yet. Still in development. Though the beta version I've played around with a bit is looking rather nice. =) #2.2
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I'm in a similar situation to D3acon. I don't really try to hide it at all, but it's not like I'm openly flaunting it most of the time either. Most of my friends have similar interests, so that's not really a problem. #2
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Indeed it is. #4.1
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Winners have now been posted, notifications about to go out. #3
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Keep in mind Saviior, an hour probably *isn't* enough time for the community to really check an article. We're all spread across a wide variety of timezones, and it's highly unlikely that more than a couple of our active contributors would have seen an article within that timeframe. #1.1.4
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If it was a matter of people pushing through stories that have been waiting there for a day or two, honestly, we'd be inclined to let it slide without bringing it up. It's not like any of the stories that we've looked at violated the guidelines/rules about what's an acceptable submission, etc. The only reason it's come up in this way has been because it's been brought to our attention that some sites (again, not naming names) were doing it to push through articles some... #1.1
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I've just reached out again to the 2 people who won but haven't yet provided me with their email. We'll be forwarding the winners details to the team which handles the payouts very soon, with or without their replies, so they'd better hurry! #7
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In regards to the quality issue, I suppose part of the problem there is the quantity of submissions, or rather the lack-thereof. When there's not a lot of submissions, people end up having to make do with what's available.

As for the commenting....well, I think it's safe to say we've always tended to have fairly low numbers of comments on most articles here, haven't we? Though I suppose it all really comes back to if the articles can inspire comments or not. #4.1.4
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Thanks for your thoughts Thunder_God. Gekko does appear to have stopped submitting things almost 3 weeks ago, and not been on the site at all in the last 8 days, and that's certainly having flow-on effects. Looking at Captain Yesterday's stats, he does approve things fairly frequently, but he doesn't have the same level of voting power that Gekko does yet.

I tend to hesitate in approving stories myself, since I want decisions over submissions to be controlled more... #4.1.2
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Any particular reason for that? Anything we can help with? #4.1
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Sorry for the delay everyone, prize winners notifications will go out tomorrow. #5
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Not you coolbeans, the person who won the prize. ^^;;

I sent them both a ticket and a PM, and no response. They've been active on the site (last visit a day ago, after the PM was sent), so unless they get back to me very quickly their prize will be forfeit and I'll just all the value to the kitty for the Christmas Contests at the end of the year. #1.1.3
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Considering this person still hasn't replied to their ticket... ^^;; #1.1
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Still waiting on 1 person to get back to me whose email I don't have... #2.1
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Winners have all been added to the post, ticket notifications going out now. #2
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Most of my top anime, I've simply run into over the course of the regular seasons. The premise sounded interested, I started watching it, I liked it. There's been a few shows I've only run into from word of mouth later on, but those are few and far between. Usually those ones are things I missed from years back, when it was harder to (legally) watch anime direct from Japan. #2
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Prize winners are up, contact tickets are going out. #2
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What, another one? #1
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