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"The Shinbun Ecchi lover"


I have to agree. I'm not sure what ended up getting lost in translation between the manga and the anime but the character designs and the look of the anime characters took a major drop in quality.

I do wonder how people will end up reacting to certain events that take place in the future and how the studio will handle the scenes. #1.2
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Good, I'm glad that it isn't cancelled because I enjoyed both the first and the second season. Here's hoping it gets a fourth season after the third one finally too. #1
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Wonder if this is going to be given the same treatment as Sankarea now. As in they will delay it indefinitely. #1
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Understandable really. The story has been growing a bit stale ever since they returned from the island and are dealing with the whole memory loss thing. I haven't been keeping up with it for the last few chapters so they might have gotten past that now but it grew incredibly boring at that point. #1
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While Hunter x Hunter would be a show people would probably appreciate more, it is largely an untested series in the West as far as the anime is concerned. The original anime was licensed by Viz a long time ago and I don't think it is even in print and at the moment no one has the license for the new version of the show, so it they are hedging their bets by going with something that they know will be at least familiar with audiences and something I'm sure people have been asking for f... #3.2
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Mostly a general lack of variation or quality checking of things. Outside of spam 95% of the things submitted will be approved without much checking actually being done.

I've seen reviews go through that are a paragraph long or barely talk about the shows and lists that repeat the same shows so I've mostly stopped looking into a lot of what is submitted through since mostly everything else is a flood of single episode impressions.

As for the commentin... #4.1.3
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In what way is a news story talking about the licensing of Sailor Moon Crystal, the series that is going to debut in July, the same as Viz licensing the original 200 episode anime series from back in the '90s? #1.1.1
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Wow I did not see this coming. I thought for sure that FUNi was going to try and get the rights to the series eventually but I am really glad to see it getting a re-release. Especially one that is uncut and with a new uncensored dub at that. #1
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Hm, the last screenshot in the review is from the second season... but okay review for the most part. #1
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I could see this being a show that many people would probably pass over and not give much of a chance. Though it was right up my alley when it aired as I loved every minute of the show and I'm glad it was finally brought over to North America. #1
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Might try to pick up my submissions again this next time around. Kind of lost a lot of interest in putting in submissions or commenting to be honest. #4
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I have a feeling that it wasn't a glitch but they are now saying it was simply because of the backlash. Adult Swim almost always chops off the opening theme of an anime or butchers the ending to save time so it was probably planned this way and they are now going to have to change that or deal with a ton of people complaining. #3.1
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Kud is easily one of the best characters in this show. That being said, I hope Sentai doesn't drag their feet on getting Refrain out so everyone can find out the truth behind the world. #1
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I wonder how much it would have cost them if they had tried to leave them in as their original names. Guess it is to be expected though considering this localization was a surprise to begin with. #3
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I never have heard the English dub of The Familiar of Zero before, but after listening to it I never want to even try it again. I can understand why it did so poorly when FUNimation tried to put out that dub when they first released it. Glad to see that the visual upgrade and the Japanese audio still makes it worthwhile. #1
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That cropping doesn't make it worthwhile honestly and the loss of some detail to try and smooth things out and look "HD" isn't worth the price either. I'd rather stick to the DVDs they've released already. #2
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I wonder what we should consider a review sometimes... a paragraph that says almost nothing about the show and then a breakdown that literally says nothing other than he didn't like it or pay any attention probably shouldn't qualify. #1
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My favorite thing about this show was the opening theme and the coloration used. Everything else was pretty basic as far as a harem romcom goes. #1
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Loved this show back when it was released in the States. Shame that it ended up flopping in Japan so we will never see a second season with the manga also wrapped up. #2
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No recommendation for anything from Symphogear? Shame as that one has some amazing character songs. #1
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