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Isn't this the film that became a long running meme on 4chan long before it debuted? Wouldn't be hard for /a/ to spam the user ratings as high as possible just to keep the meme alive.

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See your problem here is that you're still reading anything written by Seo. After finally dropping the train wreck that was A Town Where You Live you'll see just how terrible of a writer they are.

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Shame that the adaptation is kind of a mess but they are fixing at least a few issues as they go along. Probably could have crammed this in and extended the Turnabout Sisters an extra episode longer.

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Such a shame. I hope that this won't hurt his writing as I love reading the Log Horizon novels. Though thanks to this I doubt we'll ever end up getting a third season of the anime.

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This is terrible for the majority of people considering the way Amazon handles their streaming. Making things harder like this is only going to encourage people to go elsewhere.

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How many Death Note movies do they need to really make at this point? Aren't there four or five live action films already?

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From the CG anime that I've seen most of the time the thing that ruins it is poor implementation or ugly designs rather than a poor angle.

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Best New Anime:
Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka
Monster Musume
Gakkou Gurashi

Best New Manga or Light Novel:
Kawaii Joushi wo Komarasetai (Manga)
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! (Manga)
Dragon Ball Super (Manga)

Best AniSong:
Miiro (Kantai Collection Opening)
Blue Moment (Etotama Ending)
Rosenburg Engel (Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Ranko Character Song) ...

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Pretty unique list I'll give him that but I have a feeling that if you're someone who has been watching anime for a few years then most people would have seen these, or at least heard of them. Own eight of these series and most of his honorable mentions.

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Hm, tried to use that beta system and boy is that a complete mess. I recommend avoiding that if you haven't tried submitting something yet through it.

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Really sad news to hear about, especially when you see how hopeful she was in the last interview she gave about what she wanted to do once she got better. Big loss for a voice actress that was still very active in the industry.

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Shame that she's pretty much done in the industry now thanks to this. How strange that all those little images KMB fans spread around about the character ended up being close to true a few years later.

Least the show got a major boost in sales from it.

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I'll take sensationalized article titles for 200 Alex.

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Bit late to the party on this one. Though it seems like they are at least acknowledging it. No one I know still has their Wii even connected to the internet and only a few of them haven't put it away already to make room for other things.

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Mmm, went to check the list and the site was crashed though I must say if they have Another on there and not those Corpse Party OVAs I'll be disappointed.

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Probably too long of a name, I've had it happen once or twice before. As for this series, literally never heard of it before.

Gotta admit that this author is ridiculous when it comes to his work output on stories. I can understand why a crossover series would need to get cut with him still focusing on the Index light novels.

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If any way possible I'd recommend avoiding Hulu completely for these simulcasts. Absolutely terrible subbing done for the first episode with elements that make it feel like it was done over six years ago.

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I have a feeling someone needs to look up how most of these series ended up being received since a large majority of the series on this list here are far from "underrated" as many of them are highly regarded.

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Wouldn't that more or less be like the one winning category for loyal reader that was used up until about four or five months ago? Anyways there seems to be very little regulation about what gets approved through as it is, I rarely approve lately since the site's more or less turned into a dumping ground of copy pasted lists.

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Sadly that didn't change anything for him. That is the reason why he had to stop writing To Love-Ru and end it quickly as she wanted a percentage of what he was making for publishing it. Then he restarted the series a few months later with Darkness.

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