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I'm just glad that I avoided watching the series and stuck to reading the manga. They really butchered the story to try and fit it into that time frame with their original ending. Hopefully the manga won't end up following the same route. #3
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I was hoping this would be more trivia than list collecting. I know I said this last year but this time no chance I'm participating but good luck to everyone that does. #2
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I'm glad that they managed to pick up the pace again after most of the last volume was spent talking about the events on Earth. I don't think the next few events will be taken very fondly however as the whole backstabbing plot goes overboard soon. #1
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If nothing else I hope that if it does get released in North America and Europe like the last one, they actually try and hire a real translator this time instead of the mix of machine translation and Engrish that was Hollow Fragment. #1
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Says the one trick pony who made Evangelion and has since milked the series to death over the last twenty years. Maybe he is at a dead end since even Evangelion fans won't keep buying the same thing over and over again. #5
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I remember hearing people complain a lot about Kouko back when this was airing weekly, but I never really had an issue with her outside of the few times she acted really shitty near the beginning. #1
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Last time I checked there are still copies available through Amazon for a physical copy. Not sure if you would have any luck at any retail stores. #1.1.1
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Seems like this show is baby's first anime with offensive themes for a lot of people. Guess they must have missed out on a few other series that had stuff similar and worse than this. Freezing for example? #1
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I love the fact that this series continues to get localized. Hopefully it does well enough to warrant the sequel to the 3DS game and Estival Versus to head this way as well. By the way, the physical edition of the game comes with a number of neat bonuses if you can find a copy still. #1
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Really is a shame that they couldn't give the series even a twelve or thirteen episode run at the time. I'm not really up to date on the manga in any way but I wonder if it was due to lack of source material or perhaps we might get a second season eventually because of that. #1
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Wow, I never thought that they would try and bring the whole trilogy over. Hopefully with the anime airing now to raise awareness they will be able to bring all three of them over. Glad to see that they are also going to aim for the mature versions as well rather than just the all-ages ones. #1
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How nice of Crunchyroll to snipe away a chance for Seven Seas to actually benefit from acquiring and releasing physical English copies of Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. Now we can enjoy CR's abysmal translation efforts. #1
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Usually shonen series openers tend to be lousy with spoilers. Any time a new arc starts, a new opening containing all of the villains and allies and sometimes even the fight match-ups, spoiling the entire thing.

In fact almost every "get a group together" type series is plagued with this because it always spoils who will be joining in, even if they are antagonists at the time. #4
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This anime is a perfect advertisement for Viz's manga series. The censorship is so terrible that anyone checking it out might as well skip right over it at this point because there are moments where the entire screen is censored for a few seconds.

Sure the eventual BD release will be better but adapting something as gory as Terra Formars is going to be a big issue with that level of censorship throughout. #1
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Never watched a minute of this show, but from what I have seen people say over Twitter and react to it, this series has been an absolute trainwreck from beginning to end. Usually things like this have some sort of highlight but I guess this one was just a giant mess all the way through huh? #1
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In what way is this anime/manga related? Even as far as gaming goes this is about as far of a stretch as you can get. #1
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Ended up dropping this manga about a year ago after they were done with the film arc. Was a struggle to even care about it at that point and I doubt it ever went anywhere important after that. Will probably be a disappointing ending. #1
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It's a shame that he is having these back problems, but the manga is really living up to its name of being Hiatus x Hiatus. At this point it won't probably hit thirty new chapters in the next two years.

Also it is really odd that after already taking a two week hiatus, that he had nothing prepared and instead is pushing it back another two weeks. #1
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I'll have to disagree with you on that. A lot of times making a comment on your submission is a decent way to try and get some type of discussion started. Of course there are exceptions for people saying only one word or something like that, but generally it is seen as a good idea.

I do have a question concerning degrees however when it comes to submitted articles. There have been times where I will see articles submitted for approval and although it was only submitted fi... #1.4
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The manga is ahead, but not by very much. There have only been around nine or so chapters past the current arc and even now he has went on hiatus a few times since returning from that really long one. If nothing else the anime will conclude the current arc but nothing past that. #1.1.2
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