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My favorite thing about this show was the opening theme and the coloration used. Everything else was pretty basic as far as a harem romcom goes. #1
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Loved this show back when it was released in the States. Shame that it ended up flopping in Japan so we will never see a second season with the manga also wrapped up. #2
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No recommendation for anything from Symphogear? Shame as that one has some amazing character songs. #1
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I literally have no recollection of this series airing at all a few years ago. Guess it really flew under the radar. #1
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I am tentatively excited about seeing how this live action turns out. I mean... there have been live action movies made that absolutely butcher the series so I am hoping considering how much money can be made off of a decent Attack on Titan film that they will actually try and do a good job with this one. #1
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Figured that FUNimation would be the ones to pick this up considering the premise, or if not then Sentai would snag it if they did one of their sweeping licensing announcements. #2
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Ew gross. I mean... I know it is based off of a romance anime but c'mon... #1
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The only one of these I haven't seen before was Speed Grapher. Most of them seem like they were just things that the writer only gleaned from looking at a few odd premises. Horizon, Hetalia and FLCL are great, Akikan was just strange and had bad production values. #3
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I'm happy they announced another season of this show because despite the fact that it ends up going nowhere most of the time, the series is some nice brainless fun. I just hope they won't censor it to oblivion. #1
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Hm, sounds like a light version of Steins;Gate without all of the complication. I might give this a shot eventually since I originally dropped it because of the slow opening. #1
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Hm the only show in these picks that I would give a shot is probably Kenzen Robo Daimidala. As for Jojo... boo Jojo boo. #1
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I was surprised when Sentai announced that they were giving this an English dub. Shame that the quality of the dub sounds like it didn't turn out that good. Might still give it a go though as I really loved the show back when it aired and I was sad it was only ten episodes long. #1
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This is some great news from the company, especially for such a great anime. I hope they will be doing this for a few of their more popular older releases, though I feel this will probably be a very rare occurrence for them. #1
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I remember watching Yu-Gi-Oh way back when I was younger and not even realizing that it was meant to sell cards until a few months after I started watching it I saw the cards for sale. I say they can be good marketing tools but the shows need to stand on their own as well. #3
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It is hard to imagine that the same studio that did K is currently working with the second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo. Then again, with how the art style has improved in the second season I guess it isn't too much of a stretch. As for K, good to see the dub was nice at least but I couldn't stick with it back when it aired in Japan. #1
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Wasn't it already known that they had picked up Samurai Bride a long time ago? Shame that they are going the sub only route with so many of their anime. I would have loved to see an English dub for Maoyu and especially for Hentai Prince. #1
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Yep, looks like an anime to me. Good to know... #1
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It is such a shame that we won't be getting any more of this anime in North America after Media Blasters went and died all over the license after part 1. #2
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Very few movies of these long running series tend to be good but Strong World was one of the good ones. Probably the only One Piece movie I've seen so far that is decent, though I haven't seen the most recent ones. #2
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I'm not one for soccer games but considering how outlandish this one sounds I might pick it up when it goes on sale from the eShop. #1
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