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How nice of Crunchyroll to snipe away a chance for Seven Seas to actually benefit from acquiring and releasing physical English copies of Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer. Now we can enjoy CR's abysmal translation efforts. #1
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Usually shonen series openers tend to be lousy with spoilers. Any time a new arc starts, a new opening containing all of the villains and allies and sometimes even the fight match-ups, spoiling the entire thing.

In fact almost every "get a group together" type series is plagued with this because it always spoils who will be joining in, even if they are antagonists at the time. #4
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This anime is a perfect advertisement for Viz's manga series. The censorship is so terrible that anyone checking it out might as well skip right over it at this point because there are moments where the entire screen is censored for a few seconds.

Sure the eventual BD release will be better but adapting something as gory as Terra Formars is going to be a big issue with that level of censorship throughout. #1
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Never watched a minute of this show, but from what I have seen people say over Twitter and react to it, this series has been an absolute trainwreck from beginning to end. Usually things like this have some sort of highlight but I guess this one was just a giant mess all the way through huh? #1
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In what way is this anime/manga related? Even as far as gaming goes this is about as far of a stretch as you can get. #1
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Ended up dropping this manga about a year ago after they were done with the film arc. Was a struggle to even care about it at that point and I doubt it ever went anywhere important after that. Will probably be a disappointing ending. #1
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It's a shame that he is having these back problems, but the manga is really living up to its name of being Hiatus x Hiatus. At this point it won't probably hit thirty new chapters in the next two years.

Also it is really odd that after already taking a two week hiatus, that he had nothing prepared and instead is pushing it back another two weeks. #1
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I'll have to disagree with you on that. A lot of times making a comment on your submission is a decent way to try and get some type of discussion started. Of course there are exceptions for people saying only one word or something like that, but generally it is seen as a good idea.

I do have a question concerning degrees however when it comes to submitted articles. There have been times where I will see articles submitted for approval and although it was only submitted fi... #1.4
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The manga is ahead, but not by very much. There have only been around nine or so chapters past the current arc and even now he has went on hiatus a few times since returning from that really long one. If nothing else the anime will conclude the current arc but nothing past that. #1.1.2
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This is sad, but in a way it is probably for the best. I doubt many HxH fans would want to watch the series devolve into numerous filler arcs while the manga tried to gain ground.

Hopefully we'll see a continuation sometime in the future, barring any year or two long hiatuses. #1
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Wasn't this confirmed almost immediately after the first season finished airing? Could swear there was an official announcement made back then. #1
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My question with the new Sailor Moon series is what the world is going on with the animation and artwork? For a series that has been delayed so long and is having a new episode every other week, a lot of the character designs are really terrible looking. I'm not talking about just the basic designs, those are fine for the most part, I'm talking about the almost constant drop in quality that produces some of the worst "QUALITY" facial expressions I've seen in a few seasons. #2
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The list (and writing) itself is funnier than some of the shows on it. At best there are maybe two shows on that list that are actually funny. #6
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I have to agree. I'm not sure what ended up getting lost in translation between the manga and the anime but the character designs and the look of the anime characters took a major drop in quality.

I do wonder how people will end up reacting to certain events that take place in the future and how the studio will handle the scenes. #1.2
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Good, I'm glad that it isn't cancelled because I enjoyed both the first and the second season. Here's hoping it gets a fourth season after the third one finally too. #1
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Wonder if this is going to be given the same treatment as Sankarea now. As in they will delay it indefinitely. #1
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Understandable really. The story has been growing a bit stale ever since they returned from the island and are dealing with the whole memory loss thing. I haven't been keeping up with it for the last few chapters so they might have gotten past that now but it grew incredibly boring at that point. #1
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While Hunter x Hunter would be a show people would probably appreciate more, it is largely an untested series in the West as far as the anime is concerned. The original anime was licensed by Viz a long time ago and I don't think it is even in print and at the moment no one has the license for the new version of the show, so it they are hedging their bets by going with something that they know will be at least familiar with audiences and something I'm sure people have been asking for f... #3.2
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Mostly a general lack of variation or quality checking of things. Outside of spam 95% of the things submitted will be approved without much checking actually being done.

I've seen reviews go through that are a paragraph long or barely talk about the shows and lists that repeat the same shows so I've mostly stopped looking into a lot of what is submitted through since mostly everything else is a flood of single episode impressions.

As for the commentin... #4.1.3
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In what way is a news story talking about the licensing of Sailor Moon Crystal, the series that is going to debut in July, the same as Viz licensing the original 200 episode anime series from back in the '90s? #1.1.1
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