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I dont know i didnt like the war when it became full of zombies. I like wars like One Piece and Bleach so far. I felt that Naruto went downhill after pain. It became really bad when Tobi was really Obito. The moment he became Obito again he was struggling in just about all fights. #2.3
I hope Nisekoi flops the manga is such a drag.

Mahou Sensou - I hope thats good

Nobunaga the Fool - I hope the anime main lead not a fool

Noragami - better be good

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - didnt deserve a 2nd season not with that trashy ending

Witch Craft Works - read some of the manga its ok main male character is your typical weak dude

Buddy Complex - Hopefully its better than... #2
I'm still sad for Kenshiro not being in the game. When his own musuo games comes out it sales pretty good even better than the Storm series. 45 year anniversary had so much potential and the messed it up. Seems like they mostly care about current manga. #3
I didnt think they was doing an anime of this. Jotaro is the man. I doubt they keep it bloody like the ova that came out in the 90s. #1.1
I just know i dropped this after 3 episodes. #3
For a second i thought you was Tayz and thought he must been crazy since he's a crazy naruto fan.

This wasnt even a war more like a play battle. How many people actually died? People hate on Bleach but a lot of people died already. #2.2
I think im to lazy this year. You already got harder questions from last year. lol #8
It's up to you i think its one of the worst sports anime. Maybe because i like basketball and i never seen a team hesitate so much. They panic all the time like its a fighting manga or something. #2.1.2
I use to watch it but gave up. Her annoying friend made me drop it. I dont even know why she is in the show. #1.1
Didnt know Magi was selling that good there.

I pretty much dropped Kuroko’s Basketball.

Attack on Titan anime probably made the manga sales sky rocket

I wish Toriko was higher and Glad Kingdom up there. #2
Still think Storm 1 had the best gameplay mechanics since you could reverse like everything. I probably wont touch this. #2
The moment his identity was revealed it turned to trash. Naruto went downhill since the Pain arc. #4.1
I dont see whats wrong with it. It tells us who zangetsu is in that volume. #1.1
Yeah i've been reading a lot of manga lately and its so many manga that deserves anime. Yet Naruto has a spin off something not even One Piece or Conan has and its more popular there. #18.1
I doubt they ever let Naruto kill. He doesnt have the heart to be honest he truly thinks he can talk his way out of everything. #17.1
OH believe me the anime will go on for a long ass time. The anime does filler when there is no need for it. I see the anime being up for another 5-10 years. #13.1
Well i knew Bleach wasnt going to end with Aizen defeat it was way too many questions. They kind of explained most of the plot holes in Bleach now.

Either way both Bleacn and Naruto need to end soon.

Next big 3 will be One Piece, Toriko, and maybe Shokugeki no Soma if Hunter X Hunter doesnt come back soon #14.1
People want it to be Gurren Lagaan so bad it has way 2 many flaws. It's not even about the ecchi its that damn annoying side character. #4.1
I pretty much dropped Kill La Kill. I really hate her annoying friend with a passion.

Beyond the Boundary was pretty much garbage i gave it a try but man it bored me after 5 episodes.

The only show i like on their list is Arpeggio of Blue Steel. #1.1
I'm still waiting on Kenshiro. #3
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