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There are far more betters weapons than mentioned here IMHO #3
Yes better skip the fillers.
You can watch them later if you want to. #3.3.1
Don't worry about that. Usually I do a marathon if I have the time. You'll eventually catch up. Once your are in the latest chapter or episode you don't have to worry getting left behind since it's only released once a week. So you have plenty of time to read or watch a chapter or episode. #3.1
Can't wait to see the next chapter! #2
Agree with naruto part, but i guess sasuke won't be dead. I'm also having doubts whether sasuke will attain rinnegan or not. probably not. #3.1
who could this old mystery man be? Rikudo Senin? But this is not the same person who appeared in front of Sasuke right? #1.1
Let's just wait and see. Hopefully Kishi will not disappoint his readers. #2
Me too, a bit disappointed #2
This is really confusing, Isshin ang Ichigo have similar powers, but he is using Juha's power / his Quincy power to use Getsuga Tenshou and Final Getsuga which is a Shinigami power?

With his new Zanpakuto, Ichigo might have a new Shikai and Bakai form. Perhaps he will still use Getsuga Tenshou since the hollow within him uses that power and not Zangetsu. #3
What?! Are you sure? were did you get that info?
AWWW man! #3.1
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Perhaps, but he did say that he will follow Sasuke. Maybe he was JUST following Sasuke after all. #2.1
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Probably because it's the final arc and the writers just want people to stay hook with the series. #1.1
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That's because he unconsciously restrained his power. Even Ichigo got partially stronger than him because of what he did to himself. Or should we blame Unohana for this... #2
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see even haters of sword art online watch it. they are updated! that's why it's popular, haters and likers both watch sao. lolz I'm guessing sao will be the anime of the year 2012. Hope season 2 will be released in 2013 - Gun Gale Online #3
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That's probably because both lovers and haters of SAO watch it. ^_^ #3.1
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I agree
but he did go to the hospital immediately even if it was freezing cold outside.
Anyway, his work is not done yet. I'll post a spoiler soon if anybody would be interested. ^_^ #2.1
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It gives me the chills just by thinking what kind of a beast was Unohana back then #2
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one of the best fighting scene in SAO #1
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hahaha that's what I thought also #3
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I was also thinking that her mother is a Quincy or at least a descendant of a Quincy. His father was a Shinigami (and a strong one too) that explains his Shinigami powers. As for the Quincy, well it could be her mother.

But then again, someone (perhaps Ishida) gave or shared Ichigo some Quincy powers. #8
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