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Infinite Stratos Season 2 Anime Review 5 Stars Worthy | Anime Kida

844 days 9 hours ago - Teresita from Anime kida said - "A week ago, I watched the new anime shows with my brother. It took us two hours to watch all the 26 new shows. Fro... | Review | Anime


Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 you can (not) advance anime show Review | Anime Kida

876 days 13 hours ago - A few weeks ago, I watched the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie 2.22. This movie had a lot of new things ,but mostly it had a lot of old stuff. Ideall... | Review | Anime


New teaser and character designs Kill la Kill

885 days 14 hours ago - A new teaser commercial anime of the Kill Kill has begun airing in Japan. Video, enlivened with the theme “Sirius” played by Aoi Eir , serves as bu... | Video | Anime


Ghost in the Shell: Arise Border: 2 Promo.

887 days 12 hours ago - The official site of Ghost in the Shell Arise began issuing the promotional video of the second part to cinemas. | Video | Anime


N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

Toonami's Evangelion 2.22 QnA

888 days 13 hours ago - In a day where the film opens Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 comes to Toonami , the team working on the block made ​​its new QnA Session on tumblr. | Interview | Industry


Black Butler Yaoi Anime Show Review | Anime Kida

903 days 14 hours ago - Teresita from Anime Kida said - "Black Butler Yaoi Anime Show Review" | Review | Anime


Hatsune Miku Will Sing in English

906 days 14 hours ago - Teresita from Anime Kida said - "Vocaloid fans out there, listen up! Now Hatsune Miku will be able to sing in English. The new software will be ava... | News | Culture


Strike Witches Ecchi Cute Anime | Anime Kida

910 days 9 hours ago - Teresita from Anime Kida said - "Recently, I watched the final season of Strike Witches. The first time that I tried to watch the show I did not li... | Review | Anime


Legend of Legendary Heroes Cute Medieval Anime Review | Anime Kida

912 days 5 hours ago - A few weeks ago, I finished watching Legend of Legendary Heroes. It is one of those delightful relationship anime shows. This one takes place in a... | Review | Anime


New Manga Release – Kirurakiru | Anime Kida

914 days 5 hours ago - the “Kirurakiru” starter book set in Aniplex booth of Comic Market 84! will be released by Kazuki Nakajima addition to the screenplay and now direc... | News | Anime


Gungrave Anime Action Review | Anime Kida

915 days 6 hours ago - Gun Grave is an old as sin anime show that I finished watching recently. The show is about two friends called Brandon and Harry. They had a dream o... | Review | Anime


Kaze no Stigma Anime Show Review | Anime Kida

916 days 20 hours ago - A few months ago, I watched Kaze no Stigma. It is one of those relationship shows. It does not an ending per say. Rather, the main characters grow... | Review | Anime


''First Impressions: Attack on Titan | Anime Kida''

918 days 8 hours ago - Teresita Blanco From Anime Kida said - "A few days ago, I watched Attack on Titan. Frankly, it was one of the best anime shows I had ever seen. I e... | Opinion piece | Anime


Radu's Anime Calendar for 2013

1081 days 9 hours ago - Teresita from Anime Kida said - "Today, I wanted to feature the wonderful anime wallpapers by Radu. Radu is a talented mangaka artist from pixiv. T... | Image | Culture


Anime Kida Review - Howl's Moving Castle

1090 days 23 hours ago - Anime Kida Staff Writer says - "Today, I wanted to review the Howl’s moving castle movie. Its a movie based on a novel written by Diana Wynne Jones... | Review | Anime

420° - Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne Review

1096 days 10 hours ago - Anime Kida Writer Teresita says - "Mnemosyne was the infamous muse of memory. She was know to be quite sweat and mischievous. Ohh … such a naughty... | Review | Anime


KaiserNeko comes to /r/DBZ

1097 days 6 hours ago - KaiserNeko from Team Four Star will be doing an AMA in /r/DBZ today! In reddit an AMA is an Ask me anything event where you can ask him just about... | News | Anime


Oreshura New Shoujo Anime of 2013

1118 days 10 hours ago - his silly new little anime show is about Eita Kudo. Eita’s parents are getting divorced. To distract himself from such problems, he focuses all his... | Article | Anime


Maoyu New 2013 Ecchi Anime Show

1118 days 10 hours ago - Maoyu is one of the worst anime shows I ever seen. Half their attire seems to have been taken from Dragon Dogma. What sort of a warrior uses a guy... | Opinion piece | Anime


Encouragement of Yama no Susume New Anime 2013

1119 days 8 hours ago - Encouragement of Climb is a really cute new anime show. It is based on a popular anime manga by the same name.The story is about two anime girls, o... | Article | Anime

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