Banished From The Heroes Party Announces Season 2

banished from the heroes party season 2

Shin no Nakama, or simply put, Banished from the Heroes Party, is probably one of the most wholesome anime you can find. Though it does have its hardships and adventuring. However, after being scammed, it’s not surprising you’ll want to hunker down in the countryside. And Red, the protagonist, can accomplish his goal (he gets a lovely waifu). So! Have you enjoyed season 1? Then, follow this guide to learn more about Banished from the Heroes Party Season 2.

Banished from the Heroes Party – Season 2 Announcement

According to the official Banished from the Heroes Party Twitter account, they announced on April 17th; the anime will receive a second season. We can also see a new Teaser Visual for the upcoming anime in the tweet.

At the current time of writing, we do not have any information regarding the number of episodes or exact release date. However, we will endeavor to keep this article updated once more information arises.

As expected, Red and Rit will continue to be the wholesome lovey-dovey couple you saw in season 1. In the Teaser Visual for season 2, we see Red, Rit, and Ruti living a carefree life in the countryside. We can also see the trio collecting herbs in front of their store. Suppose you’re looking for an anime that develops the two protagonists (Red and Rit actually get married, they are husband and wife). In that case, you will enjoy the Banished from the Heroes Party.

And that’s it! We conclude our guide on Banished From The Heroes Party, I Decided to Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside, season 2 announcement. Are you looking for anime that has adventuring or slice of life? Check out The Rising of the Shield Hero Receives A New Trailer For Upcoming Season 3. Or maybe, Best Slice of Life Anime To Watch When You Need A Laugh.


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