Delinquent Manga Windbreaker To Recieve Anime Adaptation

windbreaker anime adaptation

Delinquent anime and manga have become the latest craze since the premiere of Tokyo Revengers. As such, anime enthusiasts can expect to see more of their favorite delinquents on the television screen. Windbreaker by Nii Satoru is one of these delinquent mangas set to receive an Anime Adaptation, much to the delight of fans. So, to find out more, follow this guide to learn about the Windbreaker manga receiving an anime adaptation.

Windbreaker manga will receive an Anime Adaptation

According to the official Twitter account, they announced the Windbreaker anime to be produced by CloverWorks. CloverWorks has produced hit series such as Darling in the FranXX and the beloved anime SPY x FAMILY to give you a visual.

The story follows Haruka Sakura, a delinquent who wants nothing to do with weaklings as his goal is to be the strongest. A freshman at Furin High School, a school known for degenerates that only cares about fighting; however, they use their strength to protect their own. Our main protagonist doesn’t care about any of that (or does he?); he just wants to be the best!

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And with that, we conclude our guide on Delinquent Manga Windbreaker to receive an Anime Adaptation. Are you looking for something new to watch? Or maybe want to know more about the upcoming spring season anime? If so, check out these guides, Best Anime To Watch Over The Weekend or All Spring 2023 Anime Line-Up.


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