Is the Black Clover movie Canon?

is the black clover movie canon

The popular anime and manga Black Clover will receive its first movie, with many anime enthusiasts gripping their seats in anticipation. However, though fans are excited about the series’ first movie, many wonder if it will be canon. So, if you want to learn more about the Black Clover movie, follow this guide to find out if it will be canon.

Black Clover – Is the movie Canon?

The Black Clover movie Sword of the Wizard King will not be canon as it does not fit into the timeline of events. However, the Sword of the Wizard King movie will still have canon characters and tie into the original anime. This is due to the author Tabata Yuki’s unable to fit the movie’s events into the anime.

Although the anime will not be canon, Tabata Yuki did provide original works for the movie.

What is the timeline of the Black Clover movie?

The Sword of the Wizard King movie will take place six months after the time skip leading into the big battle between the Heart and the Spade Kingdom. There are a few key notes that tell us this. First, it’s the time skip attire that all the Black Bulls wear; this reflects their appearance before the battle with the Dark Triad.

We also see Captain Yami well and alive during the Sword of the Wizard King trailer (if you’ve completed the anime). This leads us to believe the movie will occur before the battle in just a few days. If you have watched the final episodes of Black Clover, you also know that Leibe and Asta have formed a contract. As a result, matching markings appear on their wrists, and these markings are not present in the movie’s trailer.

What is the release date for the Black Clover movie?

The Black Clover movie will release on June 16, 2023. However, it will not be released in theaters but will have a Netflix release.


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