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Adult Swim's Toonami Block to Air Casshern Sins, Deadman Wonderland (Updated)

Adult Swim's entire anime schedule for early morning May 27 has been posted, including the Deadman wonderland and Casshern Sins television anime series.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3082d ago

That's a pretty strong line up.

Kurylo3d3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Hell yea bleach, ghost in the shell, and cowboy bebop.. thats just heaven.

One problem.. there playing at like 2:30 and 3 am lol...

Its like they want viewers, but make it nearly impossible. Some people like to sleep... least they could do is start at 10 with bleach, and get gits by midnight. Toonami wont succeed like this :/

iChii3082d ago

Deadman Wonderland? GENIUS!

Zermeno_903082d ago ShowReplies(4)

the deadman wonderland request for season 2 is gone , they skipped and took out many key characters to continue the plot it had

Lord_Sloth3082d ago

No DBZ...No Outlaw Star (but I have the DVD), No Yu Yu Hakusho (but I have the DVD), no Gundam anything and just 6 shows in total which will be looped. This is Adult Swim with Tom.

And I'm still on the fence about qualifying Bleach as much of anything.

Kurylo3d3081d ago

bleach was good after the first season when they hit hte soul society arc.. after the soul society arc the show wasnt worth anything .... still their 2 best shows are on last.. whats that about... ghost in the shell and cowboy bebop... sad... wont be awake for those

Tony-Red-Grave3081d ago

bleach IS still good just to many fillers in between some good arcs. But those fillers aren't all bad

Kurylo3d3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I dont agree... the beginning and soul society felt more grounded in reality... sounds stupid to say that but it just seems like a story coming from the real world with the supernatural. Not to mention it was more about a character overcoming the odds against him. Plus the hollow and all that was just more mysterious... they could have gone in a much better darker direction for the series after that... the beginning of the show started out more dark.

Afterward it became less about any kind of story and more about just 20 good guys vs 20 bad guys... each fighting for 10 min lol... i mean it just became one big goofy kiddy show. Probably why the show got canned recently without being finished.

The fillers I can agree were too many... and yes they were HORRIBLE. Just break the momentum of the show and confuses u in terms of continuity.. in terms of what should be occuring when..

Plus they just started running out of ideas and eventually just started giving everyone a bankai lol It turned into the power rangers of anime.

Kur03081d ago

yeah bleach fell apart after soul society. Should have ended right there if it wasn't for the milking for more money aspect.

Tony-Red-Grave3081d ago

if you, by chance, read the manga you'll see most of the problems you had with the anime were fixed. or improved i guess is the word. Its gotten darker, as seen in the latest chapter and bankais aren't being used as much, unless you mean in terms of who has them. It's actually sad they haven't continued it since the manga is getting abit more gory.

only thing i can complain about is the art style doesn't fit the new mood. While i won't spoil anything big i can say that 3 chapters in kubo already killed off a character with a name :O.

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Treezy5043081d ago

Apparently a few shows are too expensive for them to run at the moment or they are owned by the competition. Basically this is kind of an experiment and a quest for ratings in order to get even more content according to Jason DeMarco.

CrescentFang3082d ago

I've never seen Casshern Sins in English, this is my chance! lol
Deadman Wonderland is an interesting choice, though I've only read the manga.
Hope the guy gets the other anime he wanted as well, but fans are needed to support this!

smashcrashbash3082d ago

Hey I always wanted to see the Casshern Sins series. I always liked the character and never got to watch the whole series all the way through in English. My sister is always raving about Deadman Wonderland so now I get to see what all the fuss is about.

deep_fried_bum_cake3082d ago

I've never heard of Casshern Sins before reading this list but I'm pretty interested to see it now. As for Deadman, I watched that a couple of days ago and it was really good so I imagine that you'll like it. Think I'll need to read the manga though.

smashcrashbash3082d ago

I am not to sure but I think the world is in ruins because of him and all the robots and androids think that if they consume Casshern they will be whole again or something like that.

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